Booyah Featured in Google DoubleClick Case Study

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Booyah is agnostic when it comes to tools. Truth be told though, we hold a special place in our agency for Google’s tools. They are virtually indestructible, fast, affordable and come with top notch support. More than 75% of our clients use the Google stack as their primary digital advertising platform. We’ve been heavy users for the past five years and don’t see that changing in the next five.

With such a robust tool, we are able to save a tremendous amount of time on reporting, trafficking, and optimizing. The time we save gets redirected to campaign strategy and expert thinking for our clients.  

DoubleClick offers a superb unified approach to digital advertising that pushes our team to become better and better marketers every single day.  We are pleased to partner with DoubleClick, and even more pleased to be featured in their video series documenting successful case studies. Check it out at the link below!

DoubleClick Search and Booyah Customer Story

Thank you, DoubleClick, the video turned out great! Booyah!

How to Save 10% or More Buying the Same Things You Already Buy

Money saving tips from Booyah


We all want to save a couple bucks.  Who doesn’t?  What if you could save 10% or more buying the same things you already buy?  Here’s how:

Cash Back Shopping

Sites like,, will reward you cash back for making the same online purchases you ordinarily make through one of their tracking links.  Registering is safe, quick and easy.  As of 12/12, the highest cash back offer is 75% on Webroot antivirus software.  Who else is going to pay you that kind of money?  Earn additional money for referring friends with no strings attached.

Credit Card Rewards

Credit card rewards require a points or cash back credit card and there are 2 different ways to save here.  Typically cards pay a percentage of cash back or points on the dollar at the standard incentive year round.  Additionally, the rate of earning is increased by advertiser vertical by month or season.   Shop Discover, the additional cash back component for Discover Card holders is rewarding its card holders with 5-20% cash back at online retailers in Q4.  All that is required is clicking a sign and a tracking link from within the rewards credit card of your choice.

Mobile Phone Discounts

Mobile phones are a commodity these days, but a $100/mo plan doesn’t have to be.  Check out pre-paid carriers like Cricket, Virgin Mobile or Boost Mobile.  The phones are slightly less cool but an unlimited plan is about half the going rate of carriers like Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile or Sprint.  The taxes with pre-paid carriers are also a fraction of post-pay.  The best part is they are entirely month-to-month with no early termination fees and 4G coverage is starting to pop up.

If you are dead set on Verizon, ATT , T-Mobile or Sprint, discounts are abundant.  Happen to be a credit union member?  Sprint will give you 10% off your monthly bill.  Former Veterans can get 15% off at Verizon.  It may seem like a trivial amount, but multiply the savings over a 24 month contract and that’s the equivalent of a free iPhone.

Holiday Online Shopping Trends

Online shopping trendsIf you haven’t noticed yet by the Christmas music everywhere, it’s in full swing, folks.

With the holiday season upon us, now is a good time to highlight online shopping trends and how they change at this time of the year.  With online shopping slated to increase 17% over last year, keep the following tips in mind: Continue reading >>

Interview with Amy Borum – Shared Services Manager

Shared Services is a new, mysterious department here at Booyah, so we wanted to bring the department to light. In an interview with one of the managers, Amy Borum, we asked some general questions about Shared Services: what it is, why it’s beneficial to the agency as a whole, and why other digital agencies should hop on board! Continue reading >>

Booyah Wins Big at CO AMA Peak Awards

Vanessa Pence, Account Strategy Director

Colorado American Marketing Association’s 24th Annual Peak Awards Gala was held at City Hall Event Center in Denver on June 7, 2012 and emceed by Amanda Kost, Multimedia Journalist at 7 News. The Peak Awards is Colorado’s premier marketing event, honoring the best marketing work. What sets the Peak Awards apart from other awards programs is that it is more than a beauty or popularity contest because good marketing is about more than getting attention. Good marketing is about results.

Booyah picked up 4 awards this year:

  • Gold Peak Award: Website –
  • Silver Peak Award: New Product or Service Launch –
  • Silver Peak Award: Social Media – Inspirato Social Media Campaign
  • Bronze Peak Award: SEO –

Congratulations to the teams that worked on these award-winning projects. BOOYAH!

The Bahston Guys Go Social – Courtesy of Booyah

The Denver Egotist covered the launch of the social media videos Booyah created for DISH Network’s “Boston Guys” campaign, which was an extension of the TV spots, created by New York’s Barton F. Graf 9000, announcing their new DVR, the Hopper. The Boston Guys developed a following based on these commercials that translated to social media with people creating #Hoppah conversations. DISH CEO Joe Clayton tasked Booyah’s social media team to integrate the Boston Guys into a social media campaign. >> Read More

Emily Iverson Speaks On The Overlap Between Search & Display

Dax Hamman, the Chief Revenue Officer at Chango, a leading company in Search Retargeting, interviewed our very own Emily Iverson for an article about the overlap between search media and display media. Continue reading >>

Booyah Online Advertising Joins Marin Software Certified Agency Program

Booyah Online Advertising, announced that it has been recognized as a Marin Software Certified Agency. Advertisers leveraging a Marin Software Certified Agency, such as Booyah Online Advertising, receive the benefits of improved campaign performance and financial return that Marin Software’s leading online ad management platform provides. Continue reading >>

Sarah Lockwood Named One of the Top 25 Most Powerful Salespeople

Sarah Lockwood, Booyah’s Creative Group Director, was recognized as one of Colorado’s top 25 most powerful salespeople in 2010, while holding the position of Vice President of Sales.

Continue reading >>

Helping Denver Suck Less

Mining oil is a dirty job. It’s an extremely lucrative job, yes, but also a very dirty one. You wouldn’t just jump into it tomorrow. In fact, you can’t ever just jump into it. You don’t know the equipment, the techniques, the manpower required or where on God’s green Earth to power up a rig. In other words, stay far away from spending time and energy digging for oil, if you were considering it. You’ll never find it – and it’s best left to the pros.

Same goes for monetizing online. Oh, you might fiddle with Adsense. Dabble with banners. Or toss around those infamous SEO and SEM acronyms – hoping you’ll hit black gold just because so much potential is out there. But you will never understand the dirty work like Booyah Online Advertising.

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