Booyah Labs

Understanding your digital audience is vital to the success of your online marketing campaigns. Knowing who your typical consumer is online, where they digest their content & media and having knowledge of their online behavior/s is a key part of Booyah’s strategic approach to marketing. Before any research project begins, there is a discovery process that takes place to better understand our client’s position and project scope. A few of the key components of this discovery include, but are not limited to:

  • Fully understanding our client’s marketing goals and objectives; both online and offline
  • Review of existing institutional knowledge about project request
  • Internal and external marketing challenges
  • Comp set snap shot to review industry landscape
  • Current trending within both the client’s industry and digital marketing space
  • Insights into current online marketing efforts & website projects

Understanding the above factors will help provide direction for how Booyah should approach each individual project.

Digital Consumer Analysis

Many companies think they have strong grasp of who their targeted audience is.  But, does that audience segmentation translate online and into their existing digital marketing efforts?  Audience data may have been generated from an offline exercise, or the data is old; 3 years, 5 years or even older!

Given the nature of the digital marketing landscape, digital consumer insights need to be analyzed more now than any time in marketing history.  With new technology, how users interact with Brands and shifting online behaviors, it’s vital to the success of not only marketing campaigns, but to each company to ensure on-going successes.

So, the question is, “Who are your online consumers and where do they spend time online?

Some of the key tactics used to help our clients reach this understanding are:

  • Full audit of all online efforts including for Paid Media (SEM, Display, etc), Social Media and SEO
  • Website analytics to understand site engagement metrics & primary devices
  • Stakeholder (internal and external) interviews to organize the needs of various departments and the expectations of different consumer segments.
  • Integration with Point of Sale (POS), eCRM, online and other data sources to understand the complete picture
  • 3rd party tools to capture data that is missing from internal sources

Website Analysis – UX Review

As part of our full digital consumer research offering, we feel it’s important to expand on one of the key components.   Companies today rely more and more on their website as their online presence.  In many instances, this is the initial handshake between a potential customer and their Brand.  It’s crucial to present the best experience possible to build the initial relationship/s and ultimately translate that into sales.

In conjunction with the discovery phase outlined above, Booyah Labs provides the opportunity to our clients for a full review of their website analytics.  These insights provide knowledge on how effectively the website is performing based on their existing marketing goals.  Some of the key insights include, but are not limited to:

  • Analysis of conversion path and drop-off rate
  • Top content categories vs. primary navigation structure
  • Recommendations on usability best practices
  • Full navigational path review and insights
  • Key areas of strength and weaknesses

With leveraging site analytics and possibly implementing 3rd party resources, Booyah can deliver insights and recommendations to help the overall performance levels of your website.

Creative & Message Testing

Many of Booyah’s clients understand who their digital audience is, as well as optimized their site-side experience.  They understand many of the key factors on how to engage their targets.  But, are they speaking to their audience in the most appropriate fashion?  Does their messaging really resonate with their audience, or is the audience digesting the marketing efforts content?

Booyah Labs leverages a number of different angles and solutions to help our clients determine the best way to speak to their audience.  Some of the avenues for gaining insights are:

    • Panel testing creative units to gather segmented insights
    • Existing media reporting and website analytics
    • Institution of A/B testing
    • External stakeholder interview to provide direct insights.  Utilizing:
      • Strategically placed site-side surveys
      • Social Media polling
      • Questionnaires (I.E. email deployment)

On-Going Analytics

Clients understand their digital audience, optimized their website and are speaking to their potential/existing customers appropriately.  But, how can we ensure that these learnings continue to translate in the coming 6, 12 24 months?  With the digital landscape and online consumer constantly changing, Booyah wants to ensure our clients stay ahead of the curve.

On-going analytics will allow clients to receive the insights and data necessary to see shifts in trends, the best steps for optimization and management of online marketing campaigns.  Discovery into the most appropriate insights will streamline to the most important metrics and data sets.  A few components to Booyah’s on-going analytics include:

    • Timely reporting and analysis to test against benchmarked data and performance
    • Evaluation of business goals and results to investigate changes in benchmarks as necessary
    • Develop predictive models for better understanding changing patterns and trends
    • Address new strategies or open questions (project design, implementation, analysis, and interpretation) within the marketplace to keep ahead of the competition
    • Expert advice and resources for continuing marketplace learnings