4 Ways to Prepare for Amazon Prime Day

In 2019, Amazon’s 48-hour sales numbers for Prime Day crossed $7 billion, up 71% from the previous year. And, despite 2020’s Prime Day being delayed until October, merchants still saw success with a record-breaking $10.4 billion worth of goods sold. 

Since 2015, Amazon has celebrated this annual event in honor of its site launch in July of 1995. For 2021, Prime Day has been announced to take place on June 21 and 22. This “holiday” has grown to become a national event with several other large retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, Target, and eBay creating competing promotions around the same time of the year. 

Prime Day—June 21-22 in 2021—attracts new Prime Members to the platform and gets existing members to find new retailers across their vast shopping network. Amazon is bringing hundreds of millions of shoppers to the site that are then using a search engine to discover products. 

Last year we had plenty of client wins from Prime Day with several clients seeing 2-3X sales growth. And, during Prime Day we see that 81% of non-brand searches have resulted in a customer purchasing from a new brand for the first time. So, Prime Day is a huge opportunity for brands of all sizes to grow sales while reaching new consumers.

How to Prepare for Prime Day

With the proper preparation, brands and retailers can have a successful Prime Day. Follow these simple steps to ensure your inventory, ads, and product details are in top shape for Prime Day’s influx of shoppers.

Inventory being stored at an Amazon warehouse ahead of Prime Day.

1. Evaluate Inventory

The core of any successful strategy on Amazon starts and ends with having a physical product to ship to customers. We recommend immediately evaluating your supply chain and creating inventory and sales projections to ensure that you will be able to keep up with demand during Prime Day, and adjusting your strategy based off any potential hang ups

2. Run Sponsored Products Ads

If you are confident in your ability to keep up with demand, your next step should be to launch and maintain a Sponsored Products presence on Amazon. These cost-per-click ads appear in search results, shopping pages, and even off of Amazon as well now, improving the visibility of your brand and product. By launching these ads early enough, you can make sure that your campaigns have enough history to stand up against the competitive auctions around Prime Day.

3. Optimize Product Listings

Because purchases on Amazon occur primarily through search results, it’s important to ensure your products are properly optimized with keywords, images, and detailed descriptions. Determine the key products you’ll be featuring or running promotions on for Prime Day, then ensure these listings contain high-quality images and relevant keywords. This will help your products rank higher in search results and captivate audiences to help improve conversion rates. 

While optimizing content on Amazon, it is important to keep in mind both the important high volume keywords that you would like to update, but also what content will ultimately lead the consumer to purchasing your product as this is the most critical factor in SEO on Amazon. Learn more about search engine optimization on Amazon and how you can make your product listings perform better.

Two Amazon packages that have been bundled together for Amazon Prime Day.

4. Bundle Products

A simple and effective way to increase order volume during Prime Day is by offering bundles. This bundling could be products that are frequently purchased together or combining a less popular item with a top-seller to boost awareness. Virtual Bundles on Amazon are a great tool you can utilize to immediately create as many Bundles as you would like based on your FBA inventory.  Try out these product bundles this Prime Day if you have inventory that is running out of shelf life or are wanting to promote a new or lesser-known product.

Get Ready for Amazon Prime Day

Last year was Amazon’s biggest Prime Day to date, and this year they are kicking it off with a three part special featuring Bille Eilish, and Kid Cudi. Amazon is already throwing huge marketing dollars to create another record-breaker. Retailers can ride this wave and reach high-intent shoppers by optimizing product listings for searchability, ensuring there is sufficient inventory, and bolstering performance with Sponsored Products. Particularly for brands that are looking to reach new audiences, Prime Day cannot be overlooked.

Need more guidance on preparing for the next Prime Day?

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