Whether you’re visiting Denver, Colorado for the first time, fiftieth time, or recently moved here, here are eight not-to-be-missed rad things to check out while you’re playing in the Mile High City.

The only shame? Not many people know these great things exist. Don’t worry; we can change that. Read on.

Sweet Tooth Tour

Local candy maker Hammond’s Candies has been spinning out sweets since 1920. Visit their factory north of Denver and learn about the candy making process. Plus, pick up some chocolates for your SO.

Centennial Tours: Spirits & Spirits

Get cozy with spirits—including the paranormal kind! As you explore Denver’s haunted and historic sites, get acquainted with the Mile High City’s ghosts of the past (sightings not guaranteed but highly encouraged) while sipping spirits. At the Brown Palace, local psychic Kim Moore will give a lesson on paranormal methodology.

Visit Botanic Gardens

Denver’s Botanic Gardens are home to beautiful flower arrangements year round—and a huge platter of amazing live music performances and special events every day of the week! Sign up for the Botanic Buzz e-newsletter to stay in the loop for fun happenings—like the Cajun Carnival in celebration of Mardi Gras—and exhibits such as the Blossoms of Light Lumenscape, a massive lighting display that reacts to interactive instruments and recorded music.

Pedal Hopper

Wiggin’ out with the crew from @ibottaapp. Thanks for riding with us!

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Bikes and beer go together like peanut butter and jelly: they are amazing apart though deliciously compliment one another when woven together. The greatest parts about hops while Pedal Hopping is: you get to pedal a rig with a crew of rad friends (at least eight of them), music is blasting, spectators applaud, you get to experience hip bars in Denver, and no matter how much you drink, you’re safe to drive.

Peaks Lounge

Step atop the Hyatt Regency and catch wide-eye views of downtown Denver and the surrounding Rockies to the west. Enjoy a libation or organic juice while celebrating a special occasion—or just catching up with a good friend.

Wine Tours

Racking a little 2016 Chenin Blanc today. #texaswine #drooling #monkeyonabender

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While monkeying around in Denver, Colorado, don’t miss out on infinitely tasty back alley wine and fun times at IMT: Infinite Monkey Theorem, an urban winery located in RiNo, Denver’s River North Art District. Sign up for a 60-minute tour, private tasting, or barrel tasting.

Play Pong

Get your competitive urge on! Join us at 6:30 for our weekly Pong Tournament , and fight to be the champion!

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Ace Eat Serve has a reputation for some of the tastiest meals in the city—led by Chef Biederman—and is equally famous for its other set of tables: Denver’s only dedicated Ping-Pong hall, where everyone can serve their best game. Enjoy delicious Asian-inspired cuisine and comfort food with an indoor-outdoor bar and year round patio.

Chow Down on Bison

Two words: Bison. Burger. Do not miss out on the “Ralphie,” one of the tastiest meals in the city. (Veggie heads: there’s an awesome burger for you, too, which has been called a “slice of heaven.”) Get this burger at My Brother’s Bar, one of the oldest bars in Denver.

While these things to do in Denver are cool beans, not many people know about them! As marketers, it kills us to see trendy businesses not hit their full potential.

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