Battle of the Brands: Most Searched Winter Apparel

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With winter edging its way in the Mile High City, we were curious to hunt down which winter apparel brands are getting the most online search hits per month, on average. Or—are super stores snagging the most key pegs?  

In our test pool we included L.L. Bean, Columbia, REI, Moosejaw, Patagonia, The North Face and many others to boot (no pun intended.) We paired the search terms with “jackets,” “boots,” and left ‘em totally sans pairing to see which terms surfaced the highest volume of searches. Alongside the results, we also included the best bid suggestion for each term.

Check it all out here—before that Colorado chill settles in:


The award goes to The North Face for the highest monthly searched brand paired with the word, jacket. As is, the term north face jacket is searched an average of 100K to 1 million times per month. The suggested cost per click (CPC) bid is $0.88—which is actually less than the CPC suggestion for the second-place holder, patagonia jackets. The latter ranks at a suggested $1.08, though receives fewer monthly searches than TNF, ranking in 10K to 100K searches.

A handful of brands tie with Patagonia in second place including columbia jackets, helly hansen jacket, marmot jackets, and spyder jackets. The CPC varies for each brand: Columbia is $0.55; Helly Hansen is $0.61; Marmot is $0.93; Spyder is $0.78.

The 1K to 10K range includes a wide range of well-known name brands: L.L. Bean, Kuhl, Burton, Arc’teryx, Black Diamond, Volcom, Mountain Hardwear, and REI.

Outdoor Research and Obermeyer received the lowest number of monthly searches with 100 to 1K, alongside superstore Moosejaw.


Three major brands tied first place for most searched name with boots. Sorel boots, L.L Bean boots and Ugg boots—are you surprised for any of those results?! We’re not. The search rank landed in the 100K to 1 million zone. In consecutive order, the suggest CPC for each term is as follows: $0.72 for Sorel, $0.15 for L.L. Bean, and $0.56 for Ugg.

Looking at the next tier: North Face boots (CPC: $0.74), Bean boots (CPC: $0.41), Columbia boots (CPC: $0.56), and Merrell boots (CPC: $0.89) all hit the 10K to 100K status.

Last but not least, Bearclaw boots reached 100 to 1K searches with a CPC suggestion of $0.64.

Winter Brands

How’d brands do sans product attachments like “boots” and “jackets?” Actually, the turnout became much more mixed with brands and retail stores.

A major household brand name and one of the largest retailers in the U.S. tied in first place: L.L. Bean and REI each snagged 1 million to 10 million searches. The suggested CPC is $0.13 for the apparel and clothing company and $0.03 for the retailer.

Next up: North Face, Moosejaw, Columbia, HH, Patagonia and Marmot all tied in the 100K to 1 million span.

Following in the 10K to 100K spectrum is Kuhl, Burton, Arc’teryx, Black Diamond, Spyder, Volcom, Outdoor Research and Mountain Hardware. Pulling up the caboose is Sherpa Adventure Gear and Obermeyer with 1K to 10K of monthly searches.

Now, select your bids based off of the apparel brands that you plan to sell online or in stores. Then, narrow down the best options based off of your budget—and enjoy the holiday cheers!

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