Battle: Skiing vs Snowboarding in the Booyah Office

Two planks or solo jib stick? That’s the first question that every winter adventurer asks a new friend. If you live in Colorado, you’ve most likely gone snowboarding or skiing. It’s highly probably you’ve fallen in love with one or the other—or, at the very least, you have it on your bucket list.

(Okay. There’s also a chance that you’re just not into snow or cold! In which case, Denver is perfect for you, because winter weather in this city is fairly moderate and mostly sunny!)

We have a mixed crew of boarders and traditionalists here at Booyah. To get to the bottom of the igloo, we posed the vehicle-of-gnar query via an anonymous poll rather than taking ourselves to the boxing ring:

Which do you prefer—*skiing or snowboarding?

Booyah Battle

  •      More than 53 percent penned themselves as diehard skiers
  •      Close to 38 percent said snowboarding was the most rad
  •      The remaining colleagues? A whopping 10 percent said, “Take me to the beach.” Fair enough!

Speaking of beaches: We also wanted to find out which ski mountain was the top fave.

Query dose: What ski resort is “the best?”

The top-voted ski resorts were all located on the Front Range—unsurprisingly, given the streamlined access for weekend warriors. The lineup includes Vail, Beaver Creek, Winter Park, Copper, Breckenridge, Keystone, Crested Butte, Aspen, and Steamboat.

Ski resorts

But two resorts stole the cake with an overwhelming vote of 31 percent: Arapahoe Basin (which is “pound for pound the best mountain,” wrote one enthusiast) and Vail.

Abay is also famous for its beach parties! Any and all welcome—even non-shredders. Keg, grill and boom box.

The second most popular mountains—“KEYSTONE!” and Beaver Creek—tied for the count.

Snowboarding Vs Skiing: Little History Lesson

Competition between the two sports has deep roots. Skis were on planet earth first: the sticks date back to the 18th century Swedish Army, which used them for training and competition.

History is hazy, but snowboards entered the scene close to 1965, with an early version dubbed the snurfer. As snowboarders began frequenting resorts, skiers pushed back. Resorts barred the new sport. The boarder clan fought for their rights. Now, only a handful of U.S. resorts still forbid snowboarders.

What are we most excited for about the upcoming season?

ski lift

Regardless of the banter, we’re all stoked for the upcoming season. For exploring new resorts, pulling on fresh gear, snagging more powder days, and tasty Bloody Marys. 

The rookies are stoked to reduce their wipeout rate while experienced riders are excited for throwing their Cab 360 (see: a reverse 360-degree spin.)

Sans discrimination: everyone is pumped on Booyah’s unlimited PTO. (Even those looking for discount airline tickets to Mexico instead of snagging the coolest new season pass mash-up.) With unlimited PTO, we can shred on weekdays when the slopes are less busy and traffic isn’t clogging up I-70. A few folks are even renting out a winter mountain pad with buddies.

Talk about taking full advantage of living the dream.

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