5 of the Best Snapchat Ad Examples in 2022

Known for its funny filters and punchy stories, Snapchat is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms. In fact, the app reaches 75% of the millennial and Gen Z population and has an 80% engagement rate, making it a key channel for brands looking to connect with a younger demographic. 

Curious what an engaging Snapchat ad looks like? Check out a few of my favorite Snapchat ad examples below. 

HBO’s “Game of Thrones”

In 2019, HBO’s Game of Thrones was a pop culture sensation. To build excitement for the final season, HBO partnered with Snapchat to create augmented reality (AR) filters that brought some of the most dramatic elements of the fantastical world to life. That’s a smart move considering that 40% of the Gen Z population have experience taking their photos and videos to the next level with AR filters.

Video advertisement for Game of Thrones
Source: YouTube

The ad above does a fantastic job elevating itself from a simple Snapchat story to an interactive experience users can share with friends. Too bad it couldn’t save the show’s flawed final season.

Marc Jacobs’ “Perfect” 

Advertisement for perfume fragrance campaign
Source: Snapchat

In Q4 2020, Marc Jacobs set out to drive awareness for its launch of a new fragrance. However, they were facing competition for consumer attention during the flurry of holiday season advertising. So, they partnered with Snapchat to create a unique ad that captured the attention of users. 

The “Perfect” ad was snappy and showcased their logo to help viewers immediately recognize their brand. Regardless of if your brand is recognizable or new to the market, logo placement is important. So, it’s worthwhile to showcase your logo in your ads. According to Snapchat, ads with prominent logos drive an 81% stronger return on advertising spend.

Additionally, the content featured a diverse group of models, showing that “Perfect” comes in many forms. Not only does this promote inclusivity, but it also caters to millennials and Gen Z’s desire to see more diversity in branding. 

Liam & Co’s User-Generated Creative 

Women’s fashion boutique Liam & Co. wanted to launch a series of ads that would engage a wide variety of women without breaking the bank. So, they went with a DIY-style Snapchat ad creative using customer testimonials and user-generated content (UGC). Through pixel optimization and native-to-Snapchat video creative, Liam & Co. achieved a 5X return on ad spend. 

Typically, I advise brands to create ads that are 5-6 seconds long. That way, your ad can reach your target audience without feeling intrusive. However, Liam & Co. got away with ads that were a bit longer since they were taking viewers on a “How-To” journey. Consumers were motivated to finish the entire video to avoid missing out on any important fashion tips and tricks. 

Hopper’s Geo-Targeted “Deals” 

For brands looking to advertise products or deals based on location, Snapchat has you covered. The geolocation element of the platform lets users see where their friends are, watch stories from people nearby, and unlock filters and lenses for a variety of locations. For advertisers, Snapchat has a location targeting feature that lets brands target ads to specific areas. 

Hopper, an airline booking app, used this feature to provide viewers with geographically relevant offers. This campaign increased Hopper’s flight book rate by 4x and decreased cost-per-install by 50%. By targeting ads with the viewers’ location in mind, Hopper provided relevant deals that encouraged consumers to follow the call to action. 

Snapchat’s “Hey, You Good?”

In September of 2020, Snapchat partnered with AdColor, an organization designed to promote diversity and inclusion, to form the Snapchat Creative Council. Earlier this year, the Snapchat Creative Countil launched their “Hey, You Good?” campaign.

“Hey, You Good?” was created to start conversations about mental health issues impacting the Black community. Along with filters and lenses, the campaign also included a microsite where viewers could connect with a therapist. “Hey, You Good?” is part of a growing trend of social media platforms using their toolkit to make impactful messaging accessible. Marketers can use campaigns like these to not only engage consumers but have a positive impact on their lives.

Advertisement for snapchat ad partnership
Source: Snapchat

Snapchat Ad Best Practices 

With 319 million daily users worldwide, Snapchat is an ideal platform to connect with consumers in engaging ways. If you’re interested in getting your own Snapchat campaign started, keep the following best practices in mind. 

Short and Sweet Messaging 

Shorter is often better when it comes to Snapchat ads. In fact, 55% of Gen Z have ad recall after only watching an ad for 0 to 2 seconds. So, most ads over 6 seconds are overkill and may actually lose viewer interest. To make the most out of a short ad, make sure you mention your brand in the first few seconds to establish familiarity with both your company and voice. 

Create Organic Looking Ads

Create ads that look like they belong on Snapchat. The more natural your ads feel, the better they will perform. This shows that your company took the time to curate content in a way that’s relatable to the user. Sometimes, ads that are clearly produced can be disruptive to the user experience. By leaning on UGC, you’ll not only save money, but you’ll also create a more successful Snapchat campaign. 

Portray Your Audience in Your Ads 

Your target audience wants to see themselves in your ads. Make sure your creative assets include people that match the demographics of your audience. This will increase the ad’s relatability and make your brand feel more authentic. 

Digital marketer explains importance of audiences.

Learn More About Snapchat Ads

Trying to navigate the world of Snapchat ads alone can feel overwhelming. That’s where our social experts come in. One of the ways we make sure clients are successful is by combining transparent reporting with compelling creative strategies. Interested in learning more? View our social media capabilities to get started.

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