Here at Booyah, we pride ourselves on happy employees and solid retention. Considering the insane amount of work we pump through this place, turnover is low and Booyah employees are in it for the long haul. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and reminisce a bit. Here are some oldies that only the PPC veterans will recall.

You’re PPC old school if you’ve….

  1. Managed a Yahoo account…or even better, managed an Overture account (that’s right, I said O-V-E-R-T-U-R-E. Google it)
  2. Posted a feed on “Froogle” for FREE clicks
  3. Appended a GCID to a URL…a little something like this GCID = MFR345
  4. Advertised in paid inclusion…RIP PI
  5. Created ads with a header, description lines 1 &2, a display URL and…that’s it!
  6. Asked Jeeves
  7. Reported “hits” to a website
  8. Used standard and advanced match type
  9. Remember when Google used to actually match to your correct keywords/match type
  10. Viewed your competitors’ bids in Yahoo

If you remember 0-3 items, you’re probably on the Shared Services team

4-6 not quite old school but stick around, you’re getting there.

7-9 officially old school

All 10 items you’re Troy, Gallagher or Buzby



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