Booyah’s Anti-Racism Commitment

Black Lives Matter. We are moved and inspired by those answering the call to be better and to do more in fighting for justice and equality. We will practice the principles of anti-racism in our workplace and beyond.

We make the following commitments:


We will invest our time, money, and other resources to support the Black community and the organizations leading the fight for social justice, including:

• Delivering pro bono digital marketing services to non-profit organizations leading the social justice charge.
• Partnering with community organizations to provide no-cost digital marketing workshops to Black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs.
• Matching employee donations to allied non-profit organizations.
• Observing Juneteenth as a company holiday.
• Observing Election Day as a company holiday.


We will seek education, conversation, and introspection to better understand our contributions to a balanced workplace. Recognizing we do not have the necessary expertise to do this alone, we will pursue guidance from those who have done it before to help us in:

• Reflecting on (and asking) why our BIPOC staff numbers fall short as a reflection of America’s diversity and how BIPOC’s experience at Booyah can be improved.
• Reviewing and updating our hiring and recruiting practices to eliminate bias and promote more diverse hiring.
• Investing in anti-bias training for all staff to build a more inclusive, anti-racist environment for BIPOC employees.


We will not let these words be words only.  We will commit to new accountability practices, including:

• Aligning our agency around a specific core set of anti-racist principles to guide our efforts.
• Convening an internal Diversity & Inclusion taskforce to ensure the items on this agenda are swiftly planned for, invested in, and acted upon. The executive team will appoint a chair by 6/18.
• Defining measurable goals and reporting progress and results agencywide to uphold accountability.

Action is required now to ensure lasting change is realized.  We emphatically acknowledge that Black Lives Matter.  Today we collectively commit to making this statement true in our own organization and in our community.

Troy Lerner, Chief Executive Officer

Dan Gallagher, Chief Strategy Officer

Kristopher Knight, Chief Financial Officer

Katie Holdsworth, Senior Vice President

Christine Aultz

Riga Balidemaj

Aaron Bronson

Bridget Burnham

Kara Clark

Tyler Corcoran

Aubree Cross

Lindsay Dawson

Haley DeParde

Kathleen Diehl

Scout Feucht

Cailin Fisher

Lynn Fowler

Elliot Glass

Reyna Haile

Caleb Harley

John Holland

Nick Hughes

Sarah Israel

Katie Kennelly

Drew Kleppe

Kara Lee

Brittany Levine

Brady McCloskey

Melissa McKay

Madison Meagher

Lindsey Mericka

Kate Miller

Annie Moltz

Lindsay Morrison

Kevin Moss

Bailey Mulherin

Alex Namatevs

Evyn Nelson

Marie Northrup

Charl Oosthuizen

Laura Russo

Crystal Stewart

Travis Tallent

Kevin Tancredi

Andy Thompson

Molly Trevor

Aaron Wald

Kaitlin Williams

McKenna Woodvine

Ryan Wright

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