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Today, I’m thrilled to announce an evolution in our long-time partnership with Chuck Aikens. Chuck’s company, Volume 9, is now the exclusive provider of SEO, Content Marketing and all other forms of non-paid traffic generation for Booyah’s clients.

I met Chuck in 2006 when searching for an in-house SEO resource. Everyone I talked to kept pointing me to Chuck, and swore he was the best in the business. When I met him, I was blown away by his knowledge, his ability to communicate and his long list of successful projects. I knew then that this was our guy.

Trick was, we just couldn’t afford to bring him in house. SEO experts aren’t cheap! Luckily for Booyah, Chuck agreed to work as consultant. As our book of business grew, so too did Chuck’s input. Together, we tackled SEO projects for blue-chip brands such as Old Navy, Coke Zero, Volkswagen, Microsoft Zune, Vail, Dish Network, Domino’s, Little Tikes, Teleflora and literally hundreds of others.

Through the years, we’ve shared money, staff, equipment, office space, holiday parties and even a kickball roster.

By formalizing our relationship as exclusive partners, we hope to accomplish a few objectives:

1)      Volume 9 can now invest more resources into their unique toolsets and expertise for generating organic traffic through SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media and Promotions and Contests. Their field is becoming more complex, more expensive and ultimately more important for online businesses.

2)      Booyah can bring a proven partner to our clients as they look to diversify and support digital media campaigns. Our clients expect verifiable, affordable and significant results.

3)      Our combined offering helps us to make full-funnel direct response marketing a reality.

It’s my pleasure to lock arms with Volume 9 and offer the best online advertising and marketing solution available in Colorado and a top choice nationwide.

Coach Troy Lerner was carted off to the hospital with a PCL tear. Chuck Aikens took over and won the championship!
Coach Troy Lerner was carted off to the hospital with a PCL tear. Chuck Aikens took over and won the championship!


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