3, 2, 1, Action: How Booyah Helped SlingStudio Steal the Spotlight

Dish needed to prove their new product, SlingStudio, wasn’t just an experiment or ahead of its time. The company’s board waited for results. After launching the product — a portable, wireless multi-camera broadcasting platform — to a tepid consumer response, the team at SlingStudio reconsidered their strategy and partnered with Booyah to try something new.  This time around, SlingStudio’s re-entry into the market was a success.

The Results

  • 357% growth in order volume
  • 72% improvement in CPA
  • 127% increase in conversion rate

The Quick Take

Booyah developed a comprehensive go-to-market strategy to drive awareness and sales for SlingStudio. After poring over the data to identify the audiences that would be both the most addressable and the most willing to purchase SlingStudio, Booyah executed a full-funnel digital media campaign to help the technology company find and acquire more new customers online. Following the data and identifying key linkages between upstream branding efforts and downstream sales ensured Booyah truly activated the full funnel, closing the loop on every upper-funnel touchpoint.

Booyah Turns SlingStudio’s First Impression into a Lasting One

When SlingStudio launched, it was the industry’s first portable technology suite of its kind ­­– at a tenth of the cost of traditional equipment. Unfortunately, the product’s initial launch lacked impact.

SlingStudio brought Booyah on to deliver measurable results through both brand and performance advertising. To ensure the product’s long-term success, Booyah started by developing a strong go-market-strategy, recommending a program that introduced potential customers to the brand and the guided them through the customer journey to ultimately purchase the product.

The key strategy elements that ultimately delivered the win included:

  • customer profile segment development that became the backbone of a full-funnel digital media strategy across all media channels
  • careful integraton of all channels into a cohesive, singular media strategy that benefitted from nimble, real-time allocation of investment across the most impactful channels
  • personalized creative and strategic targeting to get in front of niche audiences at the right time and in the right place
  • sequential messaging to continuously educate and shepherd potential customers (swiftly and efficiently) down the funnel
  • strategic landing page and website content recommendations to increase purchase intent

When the spotlight is on and the audience expects a show, brands turn to Booyah to guarantee the standing ovation. To learn more about how Booyah creates a stage for success, get in touch.

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