Booyah’s Ad Strategy Drives 74% of Total Amazon Sales for Jake’s Nut Roasters

August 4, 2020

Jake’s Nut Roasters is a natural roasted almond company that specializes in offering unique and bold seasoned flavors. They’re regionally distributed on the West Coast in-store and sell through Amazon and their parent company’s website (Jasper Speciality Foods).

The Brand Challenge

Jake’s Nut Roasters initially launched on Amazon after being approached to join the platform as a third-party seller. After helping the brand create some initial product listings, Amazon support dwindled, leaving the Jake’s team in search of a new partner to help them navigate the complex marketplace. The Jake’s team ultimately chose to partner with the Marketplace Services team at Booyah to help them nuture their Amazon marketplace strategy to its fullest potential.

The Approach

To take control of the marketplace, Jake’s Nut Roasters partnered with Booyah to manage their Seller Central account. The Booyah team started by working with Jake’s to create a new set of product offerings that featured smaller pack sizes and variety mix packs of different flavor combinations, which was one of their unique features as a brand. These lower price point products and variety packs appealed to new customers who wanted to try various flavors and has allowed Jake’s Nut Roasters to reach a wider audience of shoppers on Amazon in the Almond and Nut categories.

In addition to creating a unique product set, the Booyah team cleaned up duplicate existing products, wrote SEO-optimized content for product detail pages, and created customized A+ content and image assets to highlight the unique selling propositions of the products of the Jake’s brand.

After the Product Detail Pagess were fully optimized, Sponsored Ad campaigns were launched to target both brand and non-brand search terms. These campaigns were created based on objectives of reaching new and existing customers, allowing the Booyah team to allocate budget towards terms that successfully converted into orders and drive increased sales growth.

The Results

The revamped product pages and new product offerings allowed Jake’s Nut Roasters to acquire new customers at a very high rate, with over 88% of all ad orders coming from non-brand traffic (i.e., from new customers) and 74% of total Amazon sales coming from ads. This influx of new customers trying the brand enabled Jake’s to steadily grow their Amazon business and drive trial of their product line. This early category growth was achieved in fewer than six months after launch with the Booyah team and has set them up for continued success in the Amazon marketplace.

The existing advertising campaign structure has allowed the Jake’s team to double down on investment into growth on the platform as new customers return to make multiple purchases. As these customers continue to write reviews, sign up for Subscribe & Save, and explore new products being offered by Jake’s, their lifetime value as a customer increases. At the same time, Jake’s organic SEO rankings and category ranking in the almond category continues to rise, yielding increased organic sales velocity. This ‘flywheel’ impact of advertising allows the Booyah team to continuously review new omnichannel data that informs future optimizations and strategies.


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