Case Study: How to Scale Social Advertising

Social Advertising

Some time ago, we began to help a women’s athletic apparel retailer take the next step in business success. As we entered a busy holiday shopping season, our goal was to help build their customer base by scaling and managing a variety of social media ads appearing dynamically. Even more challenging, we hoped to do it all while reducing the amount of time spent manually optimizing the setup in order to help the client hit their required KPIs.

Thanks to the mixture of experts on the team at Booyah Advertising, plus a tech assist from Kenshoo, we managed to hit their goals and then push the expectations even further.

Over the course of our campaign, we increased ad conversions by 39 percent, and we improved their return on ad spend by a stunning 219 percent. Meanwhile, the client was able to decrease their cost per order by a remarkable 71 percent, and that was just the beginning.

Here’s how we did it.

Finding Your Audience

In order to reach more users, you need an immense amount of custom audience targeting using first party data. This info helps us create unique segments of your customer population based off real users.

That data helps design unique advertising for each segment of your client base. When we put this strategy to work for our client, they saw a customer interest spike of more than 260,000 people.

“To be more effective, we pair each target segment with custom creative. Every time we change the segment, we redo the messaging so it is custom to each segment of users. This custom messaging allows us to leave a stronger impression and increase click through rates and conversions.”– Kelly Davis, Booyah Team Member

Tools Used

We used Kenshoo’s cutting edge technology helped us complete a variety of tasks that helped our client get a jumpstart on the competition. This includes–

Bulk ad creation allowed us to pump out ads at an incredible rate.

Kenshoo Custom Metrics helped us gear the campaign toward the client’s specific KPIs.

Kenshoo’s Portfolio Optimizer provided invaluable assistance for our dynamic ad campaign on Facebook, which let up optimize our ad sets to hit our client’s return on ad spend goals.

Automated Actions let us set up rules which helped our campaign update on the fly. For example, we could set up a rule that allowed us to automatically channel funds to a higher performing ad in real time.

Helping Our Client Realize Their Big Time Dreams

The combination of a creative marketing campaign and incisive technology helped us increase our client’s visibility and save them money almost immediately. During our initial holiday campaign, we saw an 114 percent increase in incremental return on ad spending.

More importantly for the future, our campaign helped this women’s athletic apparel retailer increase their social advertising success by a meaningful 153 percent throughout their portfolios. It was a genuine pleasure to help the client save money while learning to thrive in a competitive marketplace.

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