Cooking with Collective

A big thank you to Collective for taking the Booyah Crew out to a fun and educational event on Tuesday night!

Several members of our display and creative teams were lucky enough to visit Stir to Learn, a cooking school located in Northwest Denver, to whip up a delicious meal with our lovely host Kelly.  Amidst stirring up a delicious risotto, munching on candied walnuts and sipping delicious wine, we chatted about innovations within the big data and audience    industry. We also learned a lot! Between finding dry rivers in our risotto and discussing the difference between chicken stock and broth (stock is made with both the bones AND the meat, resulting in a cloudier liquid; broth is made with just the bones), we managed to solidify our work partnerships and real-life friendships over sharp knives and fresh ingredients. What a treat!

We are excited to work with Collective on upcoming campaigns with our various clients, and even more excited to eat some of that delicious leftover risotto! Booyah!

IMAG1968IMAG1969Cooking with Collectivephoto

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