Creating a Logo that Works

There can be a lot that goes into making an advertising logo. Whether you own a small bakery or a large tech company, you want your logo to accurately represent your company and stick in the minds of people that see it.

Many logos have evolved over the years, so much so that there are some logos that don’t even need names anymore. For example, everyone knows what this represents:

and what about this?

Nike Logo

and this?

Booyah Logo

Exactly. These show that a solid logo, built on great branding, can really help carry your brand or your company.

There is actually a science to creating a logo, believe it or not. Not a hard-proven science, but a reliable observation of logos over the years. Since the logo will be the face of your brand or your company, every aspect needs to be taken into serious consideration. Whether you use a design team or produce the logo yourself, it’s important to be aware of how different images, shapes, typefaces and colors will present your company. The following are some tips to help create the best logo for your business.

Tip 1: Research first.

When creating a logo, it’s important to consider your audience. A logo for a local flower shop will look much different from a logo for a high-tech company in both image and font. Be relevant!

Tip 2: Keep it simple.

As far as logos go, less is definitely more. Just take it from Apple or Nike; you don’t need complexity for people to remember your brand. The best logos are timeless logos, with simple but strong lettering that won’t age with the times. Also, custom fonts are recommended to avoid design plagiarism.

Tip 3: Color is important.

Color has a psychological effect on people. Studies done have shown that red light increases attention to detail, and blue can increase creativity. Interpretation of color can also vary by age, sex, and cultural background. It’s important to think of who your audience is and what message you want to get across when you’re choosing colors for your logo. For a look at that study in detail, you can find it here.

Tip 4: Meaning matters.

Good logos have stories; they aren’t just designs. If your seemingly simple logo has surprising depth, it will intrigue your audience and stick in their minds.

Tip 5: You get what you pay for.

Designing a logo is essentially a lifetime investment. If you don’t put much money into it, you won’t get as much use out of it. It’s important not to look cheap!

All in all, there are many key elements to effective logo design. A great logo is essential for creating a successful business. Hopefully these tips are a good jumping off point!

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