Teams Learn How To Work Better Together During DiSCovery Day

Last month Booyah gathered for DiSCovery Day, a professional development workshop and culture day. Tara Powers, VP of Talent Development, spearheaded the event. She explains, “DiSCovery Day was an opportunity to integrate team members who have been remote, newly hired, or just joined the team through an acquisition.” 

DiSCovery Day was inspired by the DiSC model of personality analysis, an alternative to well-known models like Meyers Briggs and enneagrams. There are four main DiSC styles: D, i, S, and C. D stands for Dominance, i stands for Influence, S stands for Steadiness, and C stands for Conscientiousness. The DiSC model is used to enable teams to work together more effectively. We’ve invested a lot of time and resources into the DiSC model because we understand its importance. “The time we spend developing our teams and cultivating our culture is our best performing investment,” remarks Troy Lerner, CEO.

The agency gathers for DiSCovery Day, a day dedicated to professional development and fostering employee relationships.

Ryan Wilson, President of FiveFifty, a division of Booyah, continues, saying, “Award-winning company culture doesn’t create itself; it takes intentionality and willingness. DiSCovery Day was important because it created space for us to learn from one another and about one another.”

The day included team-building activities, cross-team interactions, conversations about Booyah’s values, and a happy hour to close it out. Teams were mixed up for several high-energy activities where they got to know each other on a more personal level, solving problems as a large group, or working together in small groups on a fun, competitive activity.

Team members work together to create a tall structure only using pasta noodles, tape, and a marshmallow.

“Team building through play is an important part of building trust outside the office, even if remote,” says Powers. “It is how we personally connect with one another and get to see the more ‘personal’ side of our colleagues.”

Wilson adds, “The day was facilitated in a way that created connections and respect for one another to carry forward in our work and lives.”

Here’s what team members enjoyed the most.

“I loved seeing everyone’s different strengths, perspectives, and approaches shine through. It was great getting to work with people I don’t usually get to collaborate with and see the great value they brought to each exercise. It was fun being challenged to pivot our approach based on the personality types of others in the group in order to leverage everyone’s unique talents and drive the best overall outcomes!” 

– Cailin Fisher, Vice President

“The thing I enjoyed most about DiSCovery day was the ability to work with my fellow Booyah employees who I’ve either not met before, or don’t interact with much on a day-to-day basis. Being able to work through the different challenges at the workshop with new faces was a great way to push myself out of my WFH comfort zone and reminded me why days like these are so important to be a participant in!” 

– Ellie Munoz, Media Supervisor

Teams present pitches to groups based on their DiSC styles.

“As a newer hire, I really enjoyed the testimonials from members of leadership. Hearing stories of the experiences and bonds they made when they started at Booyah, as well as the perseverance and camaraderie they developed when the pandemic hit resonated with me.”

– Jacob Wolfe, Coordinator

“DiSCovery Day helped me put my work style into perspective.  I’m so used to my day-to-day actions behind the computer. Stepping back and seeing my style played out in a different setting really helped me to understand how I handle my day-to-day as well as how my team does.  The WFH/remote lifestyle has its pros and cons, but nothing beats an in-person training session with your team.  Having not yet met some of my team in person, this event helped to solidify the remote communication we have had for months and built trust.”

– Drew Kleppe, Account Director

One of the winning groups posing next to their pasta structure.

“Following FiveFifty’s acquisition, I appreciated the opportunity to rub shoulders with the Booyah crew and to uncover how my personality type fits into the mix.” 

– Lee White, Media Trader

“Participating in hands-on activities with my coworkers showed me how valuable teamwork can be when solving a problem.”

– Jenny O’Brien, Associate Digital Media Manager

“DiSCovery day was a fun opportunity to cultivate relationships beyond our team’s calls and client work. Connecting with co-workers to better understand our work styles and learn more about each other as people made me proud to work for an agency that prioritizes that.”

– Meagan Traver, Senior Digital Media Manager

Oh, and by the way: We’re hiring! Visit our Careers page to learn more about joining our team.

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