Dax Hamman, the Chief Revenue Officer at Chango, a leading company in Search Retargeting, interviewed our very own Emily Iverson for an article about the overlap between search media and display media.

Each contributor was asked the same two questions:

  1. Is there really an overlap between search and display that benefits campaigns, or is it just hypothetical?
  2. If there is, what are those benefits and what advice would you give a search marketer to capitalize on them?

Universal Advice – Measurement Matters

In terms of advice from the experts of what you should do, the message is loud and clear – measurement is going to be critical to understanding the overlap, but it is also not going to be easy. The ideal solution is an attribution model that can see all your marketing investments and sort through the results to understand how each one influenced every transaction.

In previous articles, we have discussed though how this is often not possible, and at the very least is cumbersome.

With a need to measure something though, you must cut through the clutter and find something that works for you, a process that involves understanding the difference between on site and off site interactions.

At Booyah Advertising, Emily’s team will look at standard metrics such as CTR and CPA but also carry out incremental lift studies with partners like Chango in order to examine the percentage of interaction from each channel that is incremental – this helps to get a read on the maximum potential impact one channel could be having on another.

Clearly this is a good starting point, and is probably the easiest for you to report on internally – “we launched display and saw a a 20% increase in our CTR in search” for instance.

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