Get Energized Without the Coffee


Eating healthy during the day most likely takes a back seat to that client meeting or DISH deadline, but we all want to avoid that “2:30 feeling” at the same time. Well, instead of going for that third cup of coffee, get energized by simply eating the right foods.

It’s not uncommon to see my lunches (yes, plural) with a variety of different kinds of food.  I tend to stick with the essentials like protein and carbs, but here are some more foods and supplements I prefer that can help keep you both healthy and energized throughout the day:

  1. Raw Nuts – Almonds, cashews
  2. Fruits – Citrus fruits are full of vitamin C, which help your immune system and iron absorption
  3. Green Tea – Has antioxidants and a little caffeine
  4. Complex Carbohydrates – No, carbs won’t kill you
  5. Lean Protein – Chicken, fish, whey protein supplement
  6. Coffee – Good in moderation, minus the sugar and cream
  7. Multivitamin – Gives you the daily vitamins your body requires
  8. Fish Oil – Sounds nasty, but helps out your heart with Omega-3 fatty acids
  9. Water – Duh

Of course, this is just a small list of the different foods/supplements that can give you energy and keep you healthy throughout the day.  Don’t limit yourself to these and don’t be afraid to eat foods that everyone says are “bad” for you, like carbs.

Keeping a variety of protein, carbohydrates, and fats in your diet is important to keeping you energized throughout the day.  Not to get too much into it (or even I will start falling asleep), this is because they are all digested differently.  Carbs start getting digested in your mouth, protein in your stomach, and fats in your intestines.

You might be surprised that things like alcohol can have positive health benefits.  One can only work so much and everyone needs some relaxation, for your heart’s sake.  So Cheers!  Go to happy hour, and don’t think you have to visit your enemy, the treadmill, after every Friday night.



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