How to Save 10% or More Buying the Same Things You Already Buy

Money saving tips from Booyah


We all want to save a couple bucks.  Who doesn’t?  What if you could save 10% or more buying the same things you already buy?  Here’s how:

Cash Back Shopping

Sites like,, will reward you cash back for making the same online purchases you ordinarily make through one of their tracking links.  Registering is safe, quick and easy.  As of 12/12, the highest cash back offer is 75% on Webroot antivirus software.  Who else is going to pay you that kind of money?  Earn additional money for referring friends with no strings attached.

Credit Card Rewards

Credit card rewards require a points or cash back credit card and there are 2 different ways to save here.  Typically cards pay a percentage of cash back or points on the dollar at the standard incentive year round.  Additionally, the rate of earning is increased by advertiser vertical by month or season.   Shop Discover, the additional cash back component for Discover Card holders is rewarding its card holders with 5-20% cash back at online retailers in Q4.  All that is required is clicking a sign and a tracking link from within the rewards credit card of your choice.

Mobile Phone Discounts

Mobile phones are a commodity these days, but a $100/mo plan doesn’t have to be.  Check out pre-paid carriers like Cricket, Virgin Mobile or Boost Mobile.  The phones are slightly less cool but an unlimited plan is about half the going rate of carriers like Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile or Sprint.  The taxes with pre-paid carriers are also a fraction of post-pay.  The best part is they are entirely month-to-month with no early termination fees and 4G coverage is starting to pop up.

If you are dead set on Verizon, ATT , T-Mobile or Sprint, discounts are abundant.  Happen to be a credit union member?  Sprint will give you 10% off your monthly bill.  Former Veterans can get 15% off at Verizon.  It may seem like a trivial amount, but multiply the savings over a 24 month contract and that’s the equivalent of a free iPhone.

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