Interview with Amy Borum – Shared Services Manager

Shared Services is a new, mysterious department here at Booyah, so we wanted to bring the department to light. In an interview with one of the managers, Amy Borum, we asked some general questions about Shared Services: what it is, why it’s beneficial to the agency as a whole, and why other digital agencies should hop on board!

Booyah Shared Services Department

Let’s start off with a description of the Shared Services department.
What is it, exactly?

Amy: Shared services is a new department at Booyah aiming to train in both search and display advertising in a 2 year program. Traditionally we had hired coordinators to support each department individually and this evolved as a more multi-dimensional layout. We have actually talked with Google and they are implementing something similar to this model as well.

Sounds like a solid concept! Where did the idea for the SS team come from?

Amy: Really it came from people here who have been cross-trained and have seen how valuable it is, both in understanding fundamentals and discipline strategy for both search and display. Being able to speak to each with knowledge is extremely important. We talked about this department for a year before it finally came to fruition.

It sounds like a lot of thought was put into the execution. What do you think the benefit is for having this team over the traditional agency layout?

Amy: The traditional layout has more of a silo layout, keeping search and display teams completely separate as they work on the same client. With this team we are building bridges across the two to create cohesion.

In light of that, would you suggest other agencies form a shared services department?

Amy: The integration of departments is definitely the way of the future. So I would say that the implementation of a shared services department or at least a more seamless collaboration between departments in order to execute better quality work is beneficial.

Nicely said. Where exactly do you see the department in 3 years?

Amy: My vision for this department is that we would be a really well-oiled machine. Trainings locked down, with a batch of coordinators all the way through the program to act as support for training and mentoring new SS members.

We shall see then! Thanks for your time, Amy.

Amy: Thank you!

For more information about the Shared Services team at Booyah please contact Amy or Sara:
Sara Dorn, Account Resource Manager,
Amy Borum, Account Resource Manager, |

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