The 7 Best LinkedIn Ad Examples in 2022

7 Best LinkedIn Ad Examples

Let’s get down to business. LinkedIn business that is. The online platform for professionals has more than 800 million members, across 200 countries around the world—that’s more users than Twitter. 

But LinkedIn isn’t just a place to share promotions and a digital version of your resume, it’s a hub of advertising creativity, with a mix of the best minds experimenting with different ways to speak to the modern workforce. And, LinkedIn’s reach is impressive: one ad on the site can be seen by more than 14.5% of the world’s entire population. 

In short, an ad on LinkedIn can put your brand in front of fellow innovators and the biggest business influencers in the world. Not to mention, the brightest, yet-to-be-discovered minds. Whether you’re new to LinkedIn or a seasoned pro, the platform provides a range of tools and formats to help deliver impactful ad content.

We asked our advertising experts to select their favorite LinkedIn ad examples and explain why they work so well. Armed with their advice, here’s how to finesse your social strategy and leave your legacy on LinkedIn.


Our Favorite LinkedIn Ads


As with any kind of advertising, it can be tempting to fall into the trap of using too much copy, thus cluttering the space with design elements. Luckily, Asana does nothing of the sort, opting for a sleek, minimal aesthetic with only four widgets and three simple statements. The messaging clearly hones in on Asana’s value: time-saving and convenience. The neutral colors make everything easy to digest, and the simplicity of the ad is great for brand awareness.


The messaging giant Slack is no stranger to effective design and communication, so it’s no surprise that its LinkedIn ad appears on our list. Slack’s classic illustration style is featured in its ad, using brand colors to subtly remind users of its recognizability in the tech space. Slack is hoping to attract new employees with this ad and is using the “job applicant LinkedIn objective” which auto-fills users’ information, enabling them to easily apply in just a few clicks. 

LinkedIn ads have a host of targeting options for specific job titles, industries, skills, and more, so it’s a great resource to use when expanding your workforce.


As a social media management resource, Hootsuite doesn’t let us down when it comes to LinkedIn ads. Its content includes the iconic owl, and takes a “does what it says on the tin” approach, offering five steps to social advertising success. The lead-gen ad has a clear call-to-action (CTA) to download its document—a savvy step that requires users to provide their information in exchange for gated content. 

Hootsuite’s ad is rooted in customer acquisition, targeting users at the middle and bottom of the funnel. The layout of the ad is clean, and it’s no coincidence that Hootsuite has chosen to emphasize the number “5” when research shows people respond more positively to odd numbers than even ones.


Audi takes somewhat of a left turn (pun intended) with its LinkedIn ad. Rather than showcase a standard photo of one of its cars, the brand zooms in on an ambiguous part of the vehicle, asking users to guess what’s being shown. The tactile nature of the photo is enough to make anyone stop scrolling, squint, and take a stab at an answer. Even though it’s a static photo, the ad is interactive because it starts conversations, and conversations increase the likelihood of trending, new remarketing audiences, and conversions.


The sharp contrast of the black background with white text, and the format that mirrors a subway sign, is a nod to Apple’s ability to make advertising feel like familiar objects from users’ daily lives. The mixture of copy and symbols reinforces Apple’s “do more with less” mentality. The “tap, ride, done” copy stresses the ease of the process—Apple essentially creates a completely frictionless journey, from LinkedIn to the subway users’ doorstep. 


The coworking conglomerate, WeWork, knows that catching people’s attention in the digital realm is no easy feat—because sometimes you catch people’s eye for the wrong reasons *cough cough*. 

Instead of using aggressive tactics to get in users’ eye line, WeWork chose an Instagram-worthy photo of someone sitting in one of their spaces. Combined with the text “Just moved in and already outgrowing your workspace?” WeWork speaks to digital nomads who tend to sample different offices before settling on a membership. This deep insight into their audience enables the company to quickly make a good impression.


There’s nothing like a little wordplay to give your LinkedIn ad some momentum, and JetBlue did so flawlessly with their ad from earlier this year. “Springboard for spring travel” encourages people to plan their vacation ahead of time and seize the promo discount. The “20% off” is naturally the largest text on the ad, while the “two-day sale” banner contributes an extra sense of urgency. Interestingly, most of JetBlue’s LinkedIn content isn’t overly salesy, it instead has an informative feel that compels people to take action of their own accord.

There you have it. A handful of our most memorable ads on LinkedIn. Hopefully, these serve as inspiration for your company’s social strategy, or if you’ve only had your marketing motivations tickled, we recommend spending a couple of hours browsing LinkedIn and being conscious of what catches your eye. You might just be surprised what ads stay on the billboard in your brain. 

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