How To Use Local Video Marketing in Denver

The momentum towards video content has been steadily building throughout the past decade, and there is no sign of slowing down. Video content offers your brand an effective way to engage with your audience, demonstrate your services, and easily share your brand across all platforms. 

One secret to video marketing that’s rarely exploited? Thinking small. Localized marketing highlights the wants and needs of your local community. Using video as a marketing strategy provides an incredible opportunity to connect with your customers while sharing your passion and personality. 

The Mile High City is a relatively small yet energetic city nestled against our beloved mountain landscape. No matter what industry your business is in, including the landscape, culture, or passionate local community in your video marketing concept will prove effective. 

Once you understand your customer, community, and how they like to consume video content, you can join the other 80% of video marketers that claim that video has directly increased traffic to their websites and simultaneously increased sales. 

Learn more about why using local video marketing is essential to connect with your audience and begin converting those new customers into sales!

Local Video Marketing

Whether you own an outdoor company, a small boutique, or are involved in the music and arts industry, the potential to connect with the Denver, Colorado audience through video marketing is vast. 

Try targeting specific demographics, behavior trends, or social interests within your local community. So why is this beneficial? If you narrow down your targeted audience, your localized message will call out specific attributes that the intended viewers in your area will resonate with. In addition, the messaging and content within your video can be personalized to Denver and the surrounding area. 

While understanding your target audience is key to any form of video advertising, detailed comprehension of your ideal viewer’s psychographic, behavioral, and interest attributes becomes even more necessary to make your spending as efficient and effective as possible. 

It is common to think that when running localized video, audience targeting should be as broad as possible when in fact, the opposite is generally true. When targeting at the state, DMA, or an even more localized level, your reach overall will naturally be more limited, so the people that do see your ad need to be as qualified as possible.  

Local Video Ad Example

An example would be selling a new pouch-style baby food at an organic grocery store in the Denver area. A broad marketing approach may be to target new parents who shop solely for organic food. In order to make your ad spending go further with a localized strategy, that strategy needs to be built out to include organic and health-conscious shoppers who are new parents, have an affinity for supporting local business, are outdoor enthusiasts, and have an annual household income of $100k+.

Instead of generic ‘learn about our organic baby food’ messaging, you can get more creative and specific by saying things like ‘On the go, healthy eating for your baby is made easy! Sold locally and always natural.’ Narrowing the details matter. Rather than producing a generic video of a baby enjoying the food at home, you can show a baby enjoying your delicious, portable food while hiking with their family.  

Why a Localized Strategy is Advantageous

When you are more localized, you’re able to tailor your messaging to that market. Once you have clearly outlined who your target market is, it’s also important to shift your messaging to focus on the localized aspect of your targeting. 

Localized content feels more relevant and personal, which creates a sense of connection with the brand. Localized messaging should also call out essential attributes to your target audiences. In the Denver area, this could include such as Broncos fans or Colorado natives. This specification will catch the user’s attention and makes your message feel less like an ad and more like an organic experience. 

Start creating a list of your target audiences, write down who they are, their passions, what they like to do in their spare time, and overall demographics. Then build from those details to generate a localized video marketing strategy. This process will work best to provide relevant content, create a sense of connection, and will make the ad feel more personal. You can think of localized strategies as an opportunity to build a community around your brand.

4 Ways To Use Video Marketing and Advertising in Denver

Along with outlining your demographic targeting, identifying the specific interests of your audience is also crucial. This is where you can really start to find ways to appeal to Denverites. Are they avid skiers? Do they love hiking? Maybe, are they at Red Rocks every week? Play into those details. 

Speak To Your Market

Colorado is an outdoor lover’s playground. Regardless of your type of business, the Colorado mountain scenery is a selling point. Start by outlining your audience’s specific interests or hobbies and then focus on Colorado landscapes that cater to your market. By incorporating similar interests and activities, your customers can relate to you and, in turn, return to purchase more products or provide a recommendation for a friend. 

Director of Marketplace Services Andy Thompson enjoys pack burro racing in Leadville, Colorado.

Use Familiar Images

Incorporating familiar landmarks and imagery into the video to catch the viewer’s attention is incredibly beneficial. It’s as easy as including a snapshot of Coors Field, Union Station, or our skyline. 

You can also incorporate recognizable athletes like the loveable caveman appearance of Charlie Blackmon from the Colorado Rockies or the Nuggets’ hilarious MVP Nikola Jokić. Local reporters like Kim Christiansen from 9 News are also icons that would resonate with Denver residents specifically. 

Colorado is full of iconic outdoor landmarks and Denverites that will provide the perfect backdrop for your video ad.

Embrace Local Terms

Incorporate local language into your video and call out ‘Denver’ and other local terms that viewers will understand and resonate with. For example, if you reference ‘RiNo’ to an outsider it won’t mean anything, or they’ll picture an actual rhino. But Denverites will know exactly where and what you are talking about.

The tone is also essential for messaging. Given most of Denver is considered more casual compared to other large cities, keep messaging from getting too formal and keep a more laid-back feel.

Do Good

Getting involved within your community is the best way to give back and show your support for your fellow neighbors and community members. The creative potential to show off a local business, dedicated customer, or community event that gives back can be the ideal source of video content to allow your audience to connect with your business on a deeper level. Lean into your local resources and partner with other companies to help shoot or promote your video. The more, the merrier!

Are you ready to start connecting with your local community? Check out our creative video services and start surpassing your marketing goals, all while building an expansive audience right here in your Denver backyard.

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