Life as a New Coordinator at Booyah

Life as a New Coordinator at Booyah

On June 9th, Booyah Advertising hired our largest class of digital coordinators ever. As an agency, we’ve been growing a lot during the last couple of years, but to see such a big group of people commit to Booyah and the potential to be the future of our company is, admittedly, pretty freaking cool.

Our group includes a diverse range of folks, some of whom are fresh out of college, others have some working experience, and a couple have been working for years but decided to make the switch to a career in digital advertising. The new crew is also from all over the place. We have a fair share of Colorado natives but also coordinators from around the country like Oregon, Massachusetts, Texas, California, Montana, and Minnesota.

With their first quarter under their belts, we checked in with our coordinators to get an idea of how their first few months have been. And we promise, we didn’t pay them extra to say any of this.

Why did you want to join Booyah?

When you know, you know. At least Isabella did.

Lexi Robinson: “I was looking for a position in a welcoming environment where I would be able to constantly learn new things about advertising and be encouraged to grow. I could also tell in my interviews everyone really enjoyed working here and only had great things to say.”

Isabella Cabello: “You can just really tell that Booyah cares. You can usually get a good idea of how a company’s overall image is through how job descriptions are written, how they present themselves on their website and word of mouth reputation. I heard about Booyah multiple different ways and every source had nothing but amazing things to say about the company. I just knew it was the kind of place I wanted to be.”

How has your experience with Booyah been?

Niamh speaks to the knowledge she’s gained.

Natalie Peele: “My experience with Booyah has been incredible. I love that I get to continually learn new skills and face new challenges, but also have an incredible support system to guide me.”

Jacqueline Robledo: “I have loved every minute of being employed with Booyah. From the company culture to my team dynamics, to the day-to-day work itself, this job has exceeded my expectations.”

Oh and by the way, not to brag, but three coords answered with a simple “Amazing!”

What have you enjoyed so far about the Booyah company culture?

The events are pretty great. Noah ain’t wrong.

Katie Martin: “The company culture at Booyah has made working here so enjoyable. I have really enjoyed the activities outside of work like the Rockies baseball game and the Booyah’s 21st birthday party at the Denver Botanic Gardens.”

Jacqueline Robledo: “Literally everything. The importance Booyah places on work/life balance has been huge. Also, everyone I’ve worked with at Booyah very much has a ‘work hard, play hard’ type of mentality, where they take their work seriously, but never take themselves too seriously.”

Natalie Peele: “A lot of companies say they have a good culture, but Booyah actually does. Everything about the company is transparent, from where finances come and go to expectations in your role. Each day I’m met with a supportive, collaborative team and I feel genuinely important in what I do. Also, the Booyah events are a blast, and it’s so fun to feel celebrated on a random Wednesday.”

What has been the highlight of your Booyah experience so far?

Nothing better about Booyah than the people around you.

Danielle Martins: “I loved the Booyah 21st birthday party and a recent team outing that I went to. Since I’m from out of state it seemed intimidating to walk into a party where everyone knows each other, but Booyah is really accepting.”

Kayley Stevens: “I have met really amazing people. Coming into a new company can be tough, but I think everyone here at Booyah has made it a lot easier with how nice and helpful everyone is.”

What do you think sets Booyah apart from other companies, especially for entry-level team members?

Like college, but ya make some money.

Natalie Peele: “I think Booyah is different from other companies because of the responsibility that’s given to entry-level employees. People aren’t treated differently based on their job title, and it’s not destructively competitive trying to ‘climb to the top.’ I also really appreciate the quarterly reviews, so people don’t fall through the cracks and are able to grow quickly.”

Nora McGuire: “Booyah always tries to promote from within so it is rewarding to see that we can start at an entry-level position and slowly move up depending on our progress.”

What personal and professional development have you gained from your experience?

The coordinator position is designed to build confident teammates.

Jacqueline Robledo: “Within the four months I’ve been at Booyah I have learned so much. I didn’t come from an advertising background and I now have a much greater understanding of the space and have learned how to use a handful of different analytics programs as well. Personally, this job has given me a lot more confidence in myself, as a content creator. My managers have never failed to give me recognition when it is deserved.”

Alyxe Dowell: “Both personally and professionally this has definitely helped push me out of my comfort zone, I’m pretty shy and every day I work in a client-facing role, eventually getting to where I’ll be leading meetings alone. It’s the same with my coworkers, everyone is funny and friendly and it makes me want to work.”

If you were to explain your experience as a coordinator at Booyah in a nutshell to a friend, what would you tell them?

Feeling lucky to have this team of coordinators!

Jacqueline Robledo: I have never enjoyed a job more than I have enjoyed this one. When I’ve told people about my job in the past I think they think I’m embellishing.

Isabella Cabello: This is the coolest job. I love telling people that I actually have a cool job! The work-life balance and benefits are unmatched. Never settle until you have a job that makes you feel exactly that!

Interested in Becoming a Coordinator at Booyah?

Go ahead and click here to visit our Careers page. We’ll go ahead and let Alyxe Dowell have the last word:

Pretty much the vibe we go for.

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