Skills That You Should Have to Work in PPC

PPC Skills

Internet marketing isn’t so tough—it’s not like base jumping or free solo climbing or paragliding. A PPC (pay per click) newbie will mostly require an open set of eyes, ears, and mind that are drawn toward creative flow, plus organization, too.

Here’re the skills every righteous PPC team member should have.

Brainstorm compelling ad copy

When you start reading an ad, does it make you yawn, want to do your laundry, or rapid-fire flip to the next page, channel, station, etc.? Don’t create that. Reflect on the type of ad copy that you’re drawn toward, identify the attractive traits, and integrate those variables into your own totally new design.

Instigator of celebrations

PPC-ers are no stale bag of salty potato chips. Nah. We’re ready to pop open a bag of Red Hot Blues—guacamole’s long lost love—at a seconds notice, take a bite, and smell the roses.

Meaning: it’s always good to have teammates around that can highlight and celebrate the team and individual’s strengths, accomplishments and successes.

Convert complex data and findings into a story

Bridge the boring-on-paper, hard facts into visual, attractive, never-before-seen demonstrations. Go!

King/queen selector of memes and gifs

Just because—how awesome does it feel to laugh every day at random intervals?

Present results and findings to clients

Being a fun colleague does not mean being an unprofessional one. Arriving prepared, sharp and ready to deliver your best game to the client is rad—for you, us, and for our partners. It’s the ultimate follow through and home run.

Catalyst of laughter

Do you have jokes in your back pocket? Do you have a sassy feather of sarcasm in your hat? At the very least, do you laugh out loud with a twinkle in your eye? Then, welcome to your second home.

Ins and outs of Google AdWords

Google Adwords

Not sure? Study up.

Generous chef

Innovators burn up their calories—there’s no need to get hangry. We all love homemade healthy snacks to keep the brain buzzed between the midday lunch break under the sun.

Manage large and small budgets

Another skill: budgeting. This one comes in handy in all aspects of life. Be thankful you get to practice and perfect this every day at work.

Holds an open door

Meaning: approachable, friendly, and open to communication. Feels comfortable bringing ideas, questions, concerns or needs to the table.

A Few Others

  1. Takes salt and lime with her/his margarita—or tequila shot—when sharing cheers after landing a pivotal account.
  2. Enthusiastic Facebook poster (Bonus for understanding how their advertising works, too.)
  3. Has an ability to communicate clearly and concisely with clients and internal team.
  4. Lover of life. Everyone wakes up with messy hair once in a while—but no Debbie Downing. Help us all pursue the stoke!

Sound like you fit the profile? Give us a call! Let’s talk more.

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