Natasha Anker

Senior Digital Media Manager

Natasha Anker is a detail-oriented and enthusiastic team member who loves creative problem-solving. Natasha graduated with distinction from the University of Colorado Boulder with a B.S. in Strategic Communications and a minor in Sociology. After landing a college internship as the Social Media Coordinator for Cannabis Marketing Association, Natasha was inspired by the world of digital marketing and advertising. Deciding to move to Denver, she interviewed with Booyah and fell in love with the passion her interviewers had for their work and their company.

Natasha thrives in the fast-paced, supportive environment at Booyah that allows her to excel in her role as Coordinator. Dedicated to bringing optimism and new perspectives to her clients, Natasha brings a unique lens to the Booyah team. She loves learning new software platforms like Tableau that allow her to create reports for her clients to visualize their impact and growth. In her free time, Natasha enjoys spending time with animals, especially her two dogs and three horses, and thoroughly enjoys the outdoors, whether that’s camping, hiking, or having a picnic.

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