Sarah Lockwood, Booyah’s Creative Group Director, was recognized as one of Colorado’s top 25 most powerful salespeople in 2010, while holding the position of Vice President of Sales.

What she does: Helps companies and brands utilize the Internet to drive direct-response goals, acquire customers and sell products online.

Sales stats: Booyah, one of the largest digital, direct-response ad agencies in Colorado, manages about $20 million in online advertising media a year, and Lockwood is the company’s “sales engine.”
Background: Lockwood’s sales career began in 2001 when she helped take an interactive agency called Creation Chamber from a home-based operation to a firm with clients that included Tokyo Joe’s, Einstein Bros., Red Robin, Echostar and the Denver Broncos. She launched her own agency, Distill, sold it in 2009 and became VP of sales for Booyah Online Advertisng. In her first several months at Booyah, she closed a year-long deal with Qdoba Mexican Grill and followed that with a deal with Vail Resorts.

Sales advice: “Be honest. Clients expect you to say ‘yes’ to everything. They will be surprised and appreciate it if you say ‘no’ when the answer really is ‘no.’ Tell the truth even when it isn’t popular, and don’t discount your prices to win business.”

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