‘Tis the Season of Giving…$10k/month in Advertising!

The holiday season has officially arrived and everywhere we go, there’s talk of giving. How about giving your favorite charity $10,000 per month? What? Not up for that? If you can manage a paid search account in Google, you can give a charity a gift of $10k/month (yes…I said per month, that’s $120k/year, 1.2 million/decade…I’ll stop, now I’m just showing off) of Google advertising at absolutely no cost to you and no cost to the charity. Easy as that! $10k of Google advertising for free? Sign me up! Here’s the skinny on getting started…

The organization must have a 501( c)(3) – that’s tax talk. Let me translate. 501( c)(3) status is granted by the IRS and official nonprofits are required to have one. There are additional restrictions, such as the $10k being divided into daily spending which means you have to spend $330 per day. You can’t spend the full ten grand on the last day of the month. The max CPC is $1 which will keep you out of top position on some terms, but since we’re talking free money, the 3rd position for free is better than not being listed at all. Plus, a solid keyword list with specific terms and long tails will get you into higher spots for many queries. Additionally, Google wants to keep this advertising mission-based so keep the sales talk out of the ad copy or they could potentially pull the plug on the grant. This isn’t a huge deal considering most charities want to get the word out about their cause, not generate sales, so coming up with ad copy that’s a reflection of that should be simple.

The rest of the deets can be found on Google so check it out and get that application in right away because it usually takes a few months for approval. $10k goes a long way in Google advertising and nonprofit marketing budget is hard to come by!

Just one of Booyah’s nonprofit clients taking advantage of this incredible offer from Google

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