Top 10 Most Popular Search Queries for Denver

Denver search queries

Do you ever wonder what Denverites, Coloradans, and Centennial State travelers are looking up on the web? We decided to investigate.

We tracked down a list of the highest searched words. Here’s the list of the most popular keyword queries, which are based off average monthly searches, the numbers of which were crunched by SEM Rush.

Spoiler alert: We found that #10 was the most amusing. Enjoy!

Need to go shopping, or offer your special services? (I.e. expert at mowing the lawn.) Or, do you need to sell something—be it anything—to make some fast cash? Statistically, you probably do.

“Craigslist Denver” garnered the highest search volume at 1.83 million. (Craigslist Boulder likewise got high ranks at 1.35 million.)


Assuming that everyone is a football fan is like assuming everyone in Colorado has skied. —But it’s safe to assume that non-fans are the minority.

“Denver Broncos” harnessed 1.5 million searches. (Broncos also snagged 1 million.)


Are newspapers actually on their deathbed? Intentional optimists, we’d like to believe not—but that doesn’t mean folks aren’t looking up the news online while sipping their coffee on the light rail to downtown.

“Denver Post” snagged 246,000 monthly searches from their audience.


Where are we, again? Oh, yes—sorry we left the Twilight Zone episode on last night…

“Denver, Colorado”, was entered 135,000 times.


Football isn’t the only sport with a crowd!

“Denver Nuggets” surfaced 110,000 searches.


What do all of your friends do with their free time—besides drink beer, play at the park, and find a trail to play on? Chances are, they enjoy exploring the world, or they get outta dodge for work occasionally.

“DIA” was searched 90,500 times, at its monthly average. (Denver Airport and Denver International Airport followed with high numbers, too.) Here’s where searches take a step down from the hundred-of-thousands-level.


What University is the most popular one in Denver? Well, we’re not sure on that quota—but the oldest institution certainly leashed the most searches out of the whole pool.

“University of Denver” walked away with 49,500 searches. (DU had those high marks, too.)


When you’re curious about what’s going down on Friday night, throughout the weekend—and hey, any night for that matter! Because it is Denver, and there is always something going on—what do you search?

“Things to do in Denver” corralled 49,500 searches.


The next school that was high on the list?

“University of Colorado Denver” gathered up 33,100 keys strikes.


Following a handful of iterations for the all of the above, finally, a starkly different search popped up. Can you guess what? Though seemingly trivial, it might have something to do with living in the mountains and feeling able to breath.

“Denver elevation” made the top of the list with 8,100 searches.

Curious about popular keywords in other fields or topics? Check out the Keyword Planner and dive into some solo searches.

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