Here at Booyah each day is unique with plenty of surprises and client requests popping up left and right.  We do take comfort in a few surefire things, though.  Here’s a quick guide that might indicate you are an employee at this happy little Westie joint:

  1. You sometimes go a full day without talking to anyone in person.
  2. It’s so quiet that you have wondered if anyone else is in the office, but upon looking around there are about 60 people here.
  3. You have worked on the DISH account.
  4. You work with at least one pregnant person or soon-to-be dad at all times.
  5. You have seen Troy running through the halls on a mission to nowhere.
  6. You can name at least 5 DanG-isms.
  7. You don’t know the names of approximately half of the people in your office space (eh hem, the other half).
  8. You know what Pacecar means.
  9. You have dropped a dirty look to a conference room squatter.
  10. The sound of clinking glass = Friday afternoon (or morning).
  11. You have seen Dan W making stock picks.
  12. You know what the milk room means.
  13. You live for the balcony in the summertime.
  14. You know who Storm-in-a-Teacup is.
  15. You have been to Michelle’s candy dish.
  16. You love when a new advertiser used to optimize to click-through rate.
  17. You have had a dream about pivot tables.
  18. You gain about 15lbs around Christmastime due to vendor goodies.
  19. You think Emily is the nicest person in the world.
  20. You can decode an IM from Sara.
  21. You wish you paid a little more attention in math class.
  22. You are concerned about the declining quality of the annual holiday tenant appreciation lunch.
  23. You dread that quarterly smell in the ladies room…can someone please fix that?
  24. You’re afraid Sturtz is watching.
  25. You have heard 10-12 different stories about how Booyah got its name, and you’re still not sure which it is, if any!

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