7 Reasons Why People Love Working at Booyah

Booyah is an amazing place to work. 

We’ve been named as a top workplace in publications like the Denver Post, Outside, Inc., and more. Booyah recently claimed the #9 position in Ad Age’s 2022 Best Places to Work for companies with up to 200 employees. This is a terrific achievement.

We’re privileged to win workplace awards like these and are celebrating with a showcase of our people and culture. We recently surveyed the 110 (and growing) employees at the agency to find out what makes our workplace so special and compiled their responses in the list below.

Here are 7 reasons why people love working at Booyah.

#1. Training

Our training programs are one of the top reasons why people love working here. ‘Be grateful to teach and learn’ is one of our core values; our approach to training reflects this.

Madison Meagher, Digital Media Strategist, tells us, “Booyah fosters an environment in which each person wants to help and teach others, share learnings, and learn new things themselves.” 

Quinny Li, Director of Analytics, agrees, noting that “people at Booyah are always knowledge sharing which helps cultivate relationships and supports a cooperative environment. “

“At Booyah, there’s always an opportunity to learn more and enhance your knowledge,” adds Julia Dukes, Senior Coordinator. Teams participate in roundtable discussions, professional development courses, office hours, and other ongoing training opportunities.

Andy Thompson, Director of Marketplace Services, says, “There are constant opportunities to grow in whatever way you’d like to. Want to learn how to be a better manager? There’s a training program. Want to learn a new skill? There’s somebody willing to take time for extra training.”

Booyah’s Director of People Jenna Tully emphasizes that everybody in the workplace has the freedom to learn and grow. Madison highlights some of the benefits, saying, “This lends itself to a group of people who are well informed and educated across new partners, channels, and overall the most successful tactics for our clients.”

“It’s not all about the bottom-line ROI; it’s about people ROI,” added Andy.

#2. Work-life balance

Putting our people first means prioritizing work-life balance. “The chaos and hustle of agency life are often accompanied with a 50 or 60 hour work week,” mentions Media Supervisor Lindsay Rinner. “At Booyah, they really do try to be guardians of employees’ bandwidth to help prevent burnout.” 

Tammy Reyes explains that work-life balance is achieved through flexible schedules, unlimited PTO, and managers’ desires to accommodate employees’ requests and needs as much as possible.

Our work-from-anywhere policy also contributes to a healthy work-life balance. Creative Project Manager Katie Middel explains, “Working from home has been so beneficial for my overall wellbeing, and I have more time to do the things I love outside of work.”

#3. Booyah’s benefits package

Our CEO Troy Lerner was recently featured in The Wall Street Journal discussing his rationale for doubling Booyah’s 401(k) match early in 2021, one of a number of expansions made to Booyah’s benefits package last year. Troy explained, “[I]t’s a gift you’ll probably receive long after you’ve left Booyah, but I’m OK with that.” 

Booyah’s benefits package is an important part of what makes Booyah special. Ryan Wright, Marketplace Strategist, says, “The benefits are amazing and one of the most attractive things about working at Booyah. It’s easily the most comprehensive benefits package I’ve seen.”

Coordinator Keegan Brady adds, “Whether it’s working from home or unlimited PTO, Booyah is unmatched when it comes to benefits and providing employee satisfaction.”

Benefits also include:

  • Choice of healthcare plans including free options
  • Unlimited-data phone plans
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Pet insurance
  • And more

#4. Booyah cares

One of the reasons why Booyah’s benefits package is comprehensive is that Booyah cares — a lot.

Coordinator Taylor Leis explains, “The level of trust and caring for employees is something I’ve never experienced, and it truly makes work much more enjoyable and makes it easier to go above and beyond in the work I do.”

This care begins with Troy. “Working for a CEO like Troy, who cares about his employees more than the bottom line, is so much more enjoyable than just being another number,” says Taylor.

Booyah’s dedication to caring for each other extends to the entire agency. Creative Director Aaron Bronson explains what makes Booyah different from other agencies, saying, “Everyone I work around and with cares about you first, work second. Obviously, we are all here with a common goal when working, but there’s a hidden goal of making sure everyone is doing alright and creating support to be there for everyone around.”

Elliot Glass, Content Marketing Strategist, says, “The agency (and the people behind the agency) cares. I trust that my employer has my best interests in mind.” 

Senior Designer Kyle Goodwin adds, “I feel valued both as an employee and as an individual person working at Booyah. They really take care of us.” 

Senior Search Manager Tammy Reyes makes the message clear: “I love that Booyah genuinely cares for its employees!”

Booyah also cares about its clients and the community. During the pandemic, Booyah offered discounted or free services to clients struggling with the rapid changes to their businesses. And last month, employees bundled up to volunteer for Food for Thought, a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting childhood hunger in Denver, Colorado.

Events like these are something that Meagan Traver, Senior Digital Media Manager, really enjoys. She tells us, “I love seeing how involved we are in our local and global communities, and that the agency provides opportunities for the employees to volunteer their time and energy.”

#5. Our culture

Booyah also cares about cultivating a unique culture. Many employees have agency experience, and they’re surprised to find out that Booyah’s culture is different from other top agencies. 

Booyah combines many disparate elements to create a culture that’s cohesive, inclusive, and special.

For Account Manager Mike Rueb, “The culture is relaxed and intellectual at the same time. At many places, these approaches are conflicting, but not at Booyah. We’re committed to our work but also like to have a great time,” he says.

This year’s company holiday party brought Booyah to Meow Wolf.

Tanner Wetzel adds, “What I love about working at Booyah is the culture of mutual respect. From entry-level positions, all the way to the CEO, folks at Booyah are grateful to teach and learn.”

Media Supervisor Lindsay Rinner describes, “Booyah culture prioritizes people, not employees. With COVID, holidays, illnesses, PTO, local emergencies, and everything else life throws our way, Booyah handles it with compassion, transparency, and grace.”

Individual teams contribute to the culture, too. McKenna Woodvine, Senior Search Manager, exclaims, “The team dynamic here is great! Everyone is always willing to take time to help on projects and cultivate growth plans. They push me and challenge me in a way that is endearing and makes me feel like a trusted employee that will never stop developing.” 

Senior Coordinator Devin Rafferty adds more color to the way that teams support the culture at Booyah, saying, ”We all want each other to do better and keep growing, and I have never experienced something like that before. It doesn’t feel like our teams or members on our teams are competing with each other.” 

Lindsay agrees though she admits, “I am biased; my team is just super funny and has an A++ meme game.”

#6. The leadership team

“Booyah leadership cares. I’ve never felt like when I’ve spoken up, I’m ignored. Employees come first,” says Kate Miller, Search Strategist.

For the leadership team, cultivating a positive culture for employees is a top priority.

Emma Dell, SEO Manager, tells us, “Booyah has a very open and collaborative environment where ‘open door policy’ isn’t just a fun buzzword — it’s actually put into practice. Executives don’t hold a power dynamic over employees, and instead, the attitude leans toward a bunch of equally smart people doing equally amazing jobs in a workplace that builds up and supports everyone.”

Culture becomes even more important in a remote environment, and the leadership team dedicates serious resources and efforts to bring people together.

Sara Young, Media Supervisor, shares this example: “We dedicated agency-wide time to understanding our own working styles as well as work styles of our teammates, which is such a big step forward in building the agency culture, even as we work remote.”

“It can be hard to keep the culture intact while being remote, but I feel like Booyah does a great job at not only recognizing this challenge but coming up with creative ways to make the company culture unique and engaging,” says Senior Coordinator Julia Dukes.

Andy Thompson adds, “For a company its size and with all that has happened since the pandemic, they’ve really shown how they prioritize connecting people. Booyah hasn’t backed down from the challenge of creating culture and community even though it’s been harder since going remote, we’re growing quickly, and there are dozens of unknowns.”

Sometimes it’s the “fun company events that encourage people to let loose in moderation and actually get to know each other beyond just work,” mentions Jack Garcia, Account Manager. Other times it’s the team events, training programs, or holiday donation drives. Whatever the event is, there are enthusiastic team members supporting it.

Booyah’s leadership team is constantly seeking new ways to bring people together. “I attended a severe storm reporting class with Troy,” mentions Ryan Wright.

CEO Troy Lerner gets a headstart during a midday game of Red Light, Green Light at the office in Denver, Colorado.

We share our passions, interests, and values with each other. Doing this brings us closer to the top reason why employees love working at Booyah.

#7. Our people

Our people make Booyah an amazing place to work. 

In the survey sent out to the agency, we asked: “What do you love about working at Booyah?”

“Employees are extremely passionate and inclusive. There is a lot of successful effort to make employees feel valued.” Carly Berman, Coordinator

“I love the people that I get to work with, and the reputation for success that we have among our clients. It’s easy to believe that you can succeed when everyone around you is also succeeding and you put the energy forward to build each other up.” Emma Dell, SEO Manager

“The people!! And the endless opportunities for growth within the company as well as within your own role.” Emily Blomquist, Digital Media Manager

“Everybody is real and the people are amazing.” Elliot Glass, Content Marketing Strategist

“The people that we work with always make the day, work, and video calls a lot of fun to be a part of. That’s the internal team and the client-side.” Aaron Bronson, Creative Director

“I LOVE the people. From my relationships with coworkers and supervisors to client relationships, I’m very thankful for everyone I’ve gotten to know through Booyah!” Taylor Leis, Coordinator

“My favorite part about working here is the relationships I have formed over the last year. I started working a year ago today and have met some amazing people that really care about me and my success.” Devin Rafferty, Senior Coordinator

“I love getting to work with others who are passionate and motivated about their job. We work closely with each other and our clients, so having people that care about results and the people behind them makes for a company I am proud to be a part of.” Madison Meagher, Digital Media Strategist

“The people that work here. Everyone that I have met here at Booyah has been so friendly, caring, and knowledgeable. There is not a single person here that is not willing to go out of their way for one another, even if they barely know each other. The culture here and knowing that every day I work at Booyah I will be supported and pushed to be my best self make this company amazing.” Nick Capocelli, Senior Digital Media Manager

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