Milani Cosmetics fuels lower-funnel conversions with YouTube campaign

August 23, 2021


“While YouTube is typically seen as an upper-funnel channel, this data indicates that YouTube is also effective at building brand and product consideration.”

— Media Supervisor, Booyah Advertising

The challenge

Milani Cosmetics sought to promote the launch of additions to their Gilded Eyeshadow Palette collection. The brand was looking to drive brand and product consideration and increase on-site purchases of the new products as a result of this campaign.

The approach

To achieve these particular goals, Booyah launched a two-week-long YouTube TrueView campaign in Q4 2019. Despite YouTube advertising placements generally being deployed for upper-funnel initiatives like increasing awareness, the team was confident that this platform could also be used to effectively drive users downstream toward product purchase. Throughout the duration of the campaign and upon its completion, the team monitored the volume of brand and product searches, on-site transactions, and the percentage of new site users as key markers of success.

The results

983K views     |     $0.03 CPV


363% – Lift in product keyword searches 

95% – Lift in branded keyword searches

2.7% – Lift in product consideration

2.2% – Lift in brand awareness


The significant 363% lift in searches for product keywords from users who had been exposed to the ad shows that the YouTube TrueView campaign was successful in driving lower-funnel impact. Compared to the previous period when the YouTube campaign was not active, there were also increases in direct site traffic. These initiatives were successful at moving the needle from an awareness perspective as well, as seen in the slight lift in brand and product consideration.

YouTube is typically seen as an upper-funnel channel; however, the findings from this campaign indicate that YouTube is also effective at driving lower-funnel consideration and conversions. YouTube not only influences users to search for branded key terms, but it also drives many new users to the site, fuels other media channels, and encourages purchases.

For these reasons, YouTube should be considered an important element of the beauty consumer’s entire path to purchase and leveraged as an evergreen tactic.


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