YouTube TrueView drives 59.1% lift in branded keyword searches for Dermalogica

October 25, 2021


“We recommend running YouTube TrueView for awareness or consideration, keeping in mind that strong creative aligned to the target audience is crucial to success.”

— Melissa McKay, Former Director of Media, Booyah Advertising

The challenge

Dermalogica was looking to promote their Phyto Nature Firming Serum product launch. Through this launch, the brand would monitor success by looking for lifts in product consideration, ad recall, and purchase intent.

The approach

To reach these goals, Booyah (Dermalogica’s agency) launched a YouTube TrueView campaign that spanned one month in the fall season. This campaign targeted an audience of females ages 25 to 65+ with an affinity for anti-aging products and Dermalogica brand or product terms.

During this campaign, the team discovered that the greatest lift in brand searches was occurring after 3 or more impressions had been served to this audience. This significant lift in branded keyword searches also indicated that product consideration was increasing.

The results

1.2M views     |     48.05% VCR     |     $0.04 CPV


59.1% – Lift in searches for brand keywords

3% – Lift in ad recall

0.8% – Lift in purchase intent


This campaign was successful in boosting product consideration as seen in the lift in branded keyword searches, but it did not have the desired impact of driving ad recall and purchase intent. Both of these metrics came in below Unilever and CPG vertical benchmarks. This was believed to be largely tied to the advertising creative.

Some key components to include in future video spots are:

  • Product integration in the first 5 seconds
  • Audio mention of the brand name

With the inclusion of these two elements, ad recall and purchase intent benchmarks would have been more likely to have been reached

Based on the increase in search and site activity seen from this initiative, YouTube TrueView campaigns certainly have the potential to positively impact awareness and conversions.


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