I’M HERE!!! (now what?)

If you use/have used a geolocation application for check-ins on your mobile device, you have more than likely come to a point where you thought that earning badges has diminishing returns.  Sure, some people use them to chronicle their travels, but for most of us the fun factor eventually wears off and you are left wondering why you would bother checking in.  Last week, Foursquare took an enormous leap into showing value, and created a reason to check-in for everyone (besides chronicling or specials).  It launched a lot of new “Explore” features that have been integrated throughout the site.

New Foursquare Explore Features

A few of the things you can do with this new update:

Foursquare Updat4e

The new update goes beyond mobile, and creates a beautiful desktop version of the site as well.  Generally, people check-in to let their friends and the public know about their experience at a venue, but now Foursquare has updated their site to create an engaging experience for users to not just check-in, but explore.

If you are not using Foursquare (or fell out of love with it), you should give it another shot to experience/explore new places around you.  However, if you are a business, you should at the very least be monitoring it.  Foursquare has a very small barrier to entry, and with the new updates they are poised to become even more popular to the masses, so encourage your customers to check in, and welcome them when they do!