More than just a platform for selling products, Amazon is one of the largest media publishers in the world.

Amazon has amassed an immense amount of data observing billions of customers as they shop, browse, watch, share, listen and purchase on the platform. Amazon’s potential to help companies reach new customers and drive sales is well established, but we also see them as a major disruptive force in digital advertising. While opportunities to capture demand for your products certainly exist via Amazon search advertising, Amazon’s programmatic and managed media solutions represent an emerging opportunity on the branding front.

It’s not just about selling products, it’s about managing your reputation. The Brand that gets the “house in order” is setting a solid foundation for growth.

Amazon Audit

Have an existing Vendor or Seller Central account, and looking to get an outside opinion? Let Booyah’s Marketplace Services team get under the hood! We’ll review listing quality, advertising performance, and operational metrics, and provide you with actionable recommendations to improve performance.

Amazon Listing Optimization

At its core, Amazon is a search engine. How well you index on the Marketplace, and your ability to drive and convert traffic on your detail page is dependent on many variables. Do you have keyword rich product titles, descriptions and bullets? Are your images high-res? We help clients ensure detail pages are leveraging all the best practices to drive Search Relevancy, increase traffic, capture demand, and control your Brand’s presence on the platform.

Sponsored Product-Ads

Get your products discovered, control costs and drive sales. Amazon’s Sponsored-Product Ads are an easy way advertise your listings, and you only pay when customers click on your ad. From account build and launch to optimization and reporting, our team takes a hands-on approach to managing Amazon advertising, ensuring we’re exceeding the KPIs that matter most.

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)

Amazon Vendors (those on Vendor Central) are eligible to advertise on AMS. In addition to Sponsored Products, AMS advertisers can also leverage Headline Search and Product Display Ads to get their products and their brand in front of the millions of Amazon shoppers. Booyah can launch, manage and optimize your AMS efforts, and our custom advertising reports keep you up-to-speed on our performance.

Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP)

Imagine if you could leverage the data Amazon collects on shoppers to find new audiences to serve your ads. Well, AAP makes that possible. AAP is Amazon’s programmatic self-serve solution, leveraging billions of first party, real-time shopping behaviors to deliver relevant ads to your target audience – on and off Amazon. So, if reaching your customers on Fire TV, tablet, e-reader, or other 3rd party platforms is what you want, let us help!

Amazon Media Group (AMG)

Let our team plan and manage a custom advertising solution via AMG – Amazon’s managed media solution. AMG can complement existing Vendor/Seller Central advertising efforts by driving exposure for your brand. From Amazon-owned properties to inventory on the largest ad exchanges, Booyah works with clients to design custom advertising plans that leverage Amazon’s data to reach your customers where they are: desktop, mobile, TV and even their front door.

Amazon Reporting & Analytics

We focus on what matters most to you. Regardless of frequency, we pride ourselves on delivering data and analysis that are both insightful and actionable. From Buy Box performance and estimated lost sales, to advertising performance and ASIN-specific reporting, our team can develop a reporting solution that helps demystify the platform and help you move the needle on Amazon performance.

Amazon Consulting

Amazon can be unpredictable, convoluted, and opaque to the outside world. Policies change without notice, accounts get suspended and Buy Box performance tanks. These changes can leave you frustrated and without recourse. Sometimes, however, you just want another pair of eyes on your account or help with resolution. Our team of experts is here to help you navigate the nuances of Amazon to ensure your operational marketing efforts are firing on all cylinders.