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Nobody is gathering around the radio in their living room anymore. Nowadays, Spotify, Pandora, and other streaming platforms provide seamless, instant access to audio content from podcasts to Top 40 hits at the touch of a button. This broad access — and its resultant increase in audio consumption — yields ripe advertising opportunities. Booyah is here is to help you spread your message and turn your prospects into loyal customers.  

What Is Digital Audio Advertising? 

Digital audio advertising includes any programmatic audio advertising, such as on Spotify and Pandora. Besides streaming-music services, it includes ads in other audio content like podcasts, digital radio, or online music videos.  

Why Is Digital Audio Advertising Valuable?

Data from Edison Research shows that Americans spend 4 hours per day with audio. If youre not using digital audio advertising, you could miss out on a key captive audience of potential customers. 


Is Digital Audio Advertising Right for You?

AeMarketer study shows that in the coming years, the average U.S. adult will continue to spend increasingly more time listening to digital audio as compared to traditional radio. With more digital listening comes more ad space and larger addressable audiences. Reach out to Booyah to get ahead of the game and expand your advertising into digital audio and streaming 

The Booyah Way for Digital Audio Advertising

The Booyah Way is the best way for activating quality digital audio advertising for your business. Our team of digital experts will work with you to create unique advertising campaigns that dominate your market. Whether audio ads and streaming platforms are new to your brand, or you’re looking to strategically expand your reach, we can help achieve the results needed to grow your revenue.  

Booyah's Digital Audio Advertising Services 

Booyah does the research needed to provide you with a results-driven digital audio advertising service. Our team uses marketing analytics to determine the downstream impact of audio advertising and how it can help your business based on industry trends. By doing extensive audience research, our team will find the right audience to target in the right place at the right time to ensure optimal ad reach within your budget.  

Types of Digital Audio Ads 

Digital audio advertising extends beyond just interstitial sound bitesThis channel also includes impactful solutions to connect with your audience across a wide range of multimedia formats and extend the reach of our audio campaigns through supplemental video, display (banners), and native placements. Our in-house creative team will work with you to develop branded and original content and API integrations. 

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When partnering with Booyah, we join you on your journey and are just as dedicated as you to help achieve the results needed to reach your goals. We bring together a team of experts, the latest technology and tools, and key industry relationships to work for you and your brandContact us to learn how Booyah Advertising can help achieve your digital audio advertising goals. 

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