Oftentimes, our display media team is told that we are at the forefront of the industry and exceptionally savvy. We pride ourselves in packing as much into our day as possible to ensure we don’t miss a beat. It is of predominant importance that we research the newest targeting capabilities, whether it is 3rd party data, audience segmentation, or demand side platform integration; we know how to hit the direct response or branding KPIs that are requested of us by our clients.

In addition to the media we plan, buy and execute, it is also crucial that our team has involvement in the creative. Call to action on the banners, video or on the landing page, in addition to color, placement and brand strategy greatly affects the overall result of your campaigns. Ensuring that these factors are monitored and optimized is just as important as the media we run against this creative. Executing consistent testing across media and creative is very important to any campaign and brainstorming new ideas to test is one of our strong points. On top of creative, the incorporation of other channels such as paid search and social media are also of importance. Developing strategies that align these initiatives allow for the best overall integration. Our team is skilled at planning and executing everything from attribution modeling to social media impact on display advertising.

Overall, we love a good challenge. We embrace the fact that the advertising landscape today is not the same as it was 10 years ago, or even 6 months ago. As a result, it is important to always be thinking of what’s coming next, to help our clients stay ahead of the competition and provide the best display media advertising services possible.

Affiliate Marketing

We like to think of affiliate marketing as an extension of an online sales force. We assist our clients with finding verticals that match with their target audience and make suggestions outside what they’ve thought about. We facilitate partnerships to leverage and optimize existing relationships and build new ones. We identify top performers and “super affiliates” that drive the bulk of traffic to your brand, and then cater to them to nurture and grow the relationship. We also research your competition and establish a strong presence in the same or similar places.

Furthermore, we are super-flexible in that we can utilize a lot of different platforms. For example, we are an Impact Radius Certified Agency partner. We know that working with affiliates can be risky, but we work use platforms like The Search Monitor to sniff fraud, trademark abuse, and put as many measures in place to protect your brand.

Content Creation and Distribution

Often, the best way to communicate with your customers is through content. We can help find relevant partnerships for both editorial and advertorial placement within online publications, newsletters, or distribution channels.

Desktop Display Media

You’ll often hear people say they don’t pay attention to banner ads, but we know differently. We run a plethora of successful direct response and branding focused banner ad campaigns, and know that this high-reach, cost-efficient channel is a proven driver of online conversions and awareness.

Lead Generation

We engage the most tried and true lead generation and co-registration platforms, tactics, and creative practices to ensure your leads are not only plentiful but of superior quality. We can also help incorporate your redemption rates, in-store traffic, or acquisition/close data into our reporting and analysis to ensure the best sources of leads are pinpointed – then go find more!

Mobile/ Tablet Marketing

Although it’s been talked about for several years now, mobile and tablet advertising is really still the Wild West.  Whether you’re looking to drive phone calls, app downloads, or conversions on your mobile website, we’ve successfully implemented and tracked campaigns across multiple mobile networks using 3rd party tracking tools. The banner capabilities and creative execution vary depending on the operating system, and we’ve helped chart the territory through Android, iOS, and tablet applications.

Mobile App Download Promotions

Work with our Display Team to execute a strategy with an app-specific DR goal, such as driving downloads.

Mobile Landing Pages

A Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) allows users to view web pages on a mobile device. WAP sites are websites written in or converted to a special code that will allow the website to be displayed and function properly on a mobile phone. We can create the mobile landing page and / or inform our clients how display media can drive people to mobile landing pages to drive a specific action.

Mobile Video

Extending video advertising to the mobile platform is a worthwhile investment for our clients. Studies have shown video completion rates on mobile devices to be the highest of any platform. Mobile users tend to be more engaged and are more likely to view ads to reach their intended content.

Rich Media & Dynamic Creative

We have extensive experience in designing, planning, and buying rich media and dynamic creative campaigns. Whether it’s using your customized product feed to dynamically populate your banners based on past browsing activity, promoting an engaging game or video, downloading a whitepaper, or simply grabbing someone’s attention with a high-impact execution, we love to put our creative juices to work with our clients’ goals and objectives in mind.

Web Video

We work with many different video networks and exchanges to place pre-roll, in-stream, and in-banner inventory. We measure completion rates and other engagement metrics, as well as standard campaign goals and KPI’s to ensure your video campaigns reach the right audience at the right price with the right desired actions.