Facebook Advertising

Using Audience Insights to Leave a Mark

Facebook is the largest social media site in the world. With over 2.6B monthly active users, you need to show up where your customers spend their time.

What Is Facebook Advertising?

Advertising on Facebook can take many forms from brand awareness campaigns to conversion campaigns. Within a few clicks, Facebook users can go from browsing to buying. In fact, the Facebook audience is so valuable that over 10 million advertisers place ads on the site. And for good reason: companies from startups and small businesses to major brands saw their new customer acquisition costs reduce by up to 73% when advertising on Facebook. It’s no wonder that those 10 million brands keep investing in the platform: advertising your products and services on Facebook works. With proper understanding of the ever-changing platform and a strong advertising agency on your side, you can quickly convert prospects into long-term customers. 

Why Is Facebook Advertising Valuable?

Since its inception in 2004, Facebook has garnered over 2.6 billion active monthly users. To put that number in perspective: when you post on Facebook, your brand’s content is immediately available to a group of people almost twice as large as the population of China. 

Social media advertising also tends to be a lot cheaper than more traditional forms. Electing to advertise on Facebook instead of on television is 16.6x less expensive while still exposing you to about the same size audience.  

Not only is Facebook’s reach broad it’s incredibly specific. With access to data on users’ age, location, buying history, and much, much more, you can easily identify and target the ideal audience for your offering. 

We’ll work with you from audience identification and asset creation to launch and optimization, providing you with transparent reporting and an evolved brand marketing plan.  

Our Facebook Advertising Capabilities

Brands partner with Booyah to find and acquire more new customers on Facebook. Here’s how we do it: 

Awareness Ads

Find more new customers with top-of-the-funnel tactics that grab attention and maximize user engagement

Consideration Ads

Increase brand recognition while showcasing the exciting features and benefits of your product to encourage your audience to buy

Conversion Ads

Transform your ad spend into revenue. With budgets small and large, your ads will yield profitable sales, bookings, and new loyal clients at scale.

The Booyah Way for Facebook Advertising

No matter if you’re just getting started or running a fine-tuned machine, we build out a personalized strategy that starts where you areFrom developing in-house performance creative to in-depth analytics to dig deeper into highly-valuable audiences, our partnership with Facebook, mixed with years and years of experience, we know what wins.  

Raise the bar with Booyah’s Facebook Advertising services. 

Ready to get started? Our team of advertising experts is ready to help you expand your customer base and drive new sales.

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