LinkedIn Advertising

Designed to Reach an Audience with a Business-Oriented Mindset

Microsoft-owned LinkedIn has over 740 million registered users. The platform helps users build a professional identity and connect with other companies in a B2B capacity.

We can help you join the winning team. Our services combine technology and imagination to help you thrive in the age of digital networking.

What Is LinkedIn Advertising?

LinkedIn advertising boosts your content across the world’s premier digital professional network. Think of LinkedIn advertising as a way to attend thousands of tradeshows, but at a mere fraction of the cost. From simpler text ads to sponsored InMail direct messagesLinkedIn enables you to reach your audience when they’re in a professionally-oriented mindset. 

Why Is LinkedIn Advertising Valuable?

LinkedIn advertising will help you efficiently achieve your B2B or B2C business goals. Its an effective platform that allows you to target professionals by segments as granular as industry, job title, and function. 

Here’s how your brand will benefit: 

#1 B2B Paid Social Advertising Platform 

Are you a B2B marketer investing in paid advertising? LinkedIn is chock-full of active business professionals who meet your target audience specifications. 

What’s more, this platform provides marketers with all the relevant information needed to target and effectively reach their prospects. 

Data from a Wide Range of Professionals 

You can bet on hitting the bullseye when you use LinkedIn advertising. LinkedIn houses the mother lode of user-provided professional and career data, guaranteeing accurate and robust audience targeting 

Social Advertising with Staying Power 

With consumers spending increasing amounts of time on social media platforms, options for social media advertising abound. However, if B2B marketing is your aim (or B2C marketing to consumers in specific industries), LinkedIn is the platform to leverage.  Its usage and reach only continue to grow, and its professional targeting capabilities are unrivaled. 

LinkedIn Advertising Capabilities

Brands partner with Booyah to find and acquire more new clients on LinkedIn. Here’s how we do it: 

Sponsored Content

As a renowned LinkedIn marketing agency, we'll target your prospects in feeds on mobile devices, desktops, and tablets to deliver captivating content to potential customers. With this ad type, marketers can familiarize prospects with their services before the buying journey even begins.

Sponsored InMail

We're at the forefront of delivering personalized messages to your target audience through LinkedIn messenger. These customized messages ensure that your text gets noticed by high-potential prospects.

Text Ads

Target potential clients via interest-based banner and text ads on users' news and profile feeds. This high-reach, cost-effective ad format enables marketers to gain high-quality leads through CPM and PPC pricing options.

Booyah's LinkedIn Advertising Philosophy

Content Creation Capabilities 

Our LinkedIn marketing agency targets potential clients leveraging parameters like age, professional skills, education backgrounds, professional titles, and location. Our captivating content engages prospects and compels them to learn more. 

Ad Creative Abilities and Testing 

Engage us for real-time delivery of InMail messages that are launched when target user is active on the platform. 

Transparent Reporting 

Our agency believes in the spirit of transparency. When working with you, our experts help you learn the basics of LinkedIn advertising. That’s why, for every report you get, you’ll find an easy-to-understand format. 

Strategy Evolution 

Our experts understand the excitement of business growth. Helping our clients get to places they’ve never been is our favorite part of the jobWork with an agency who’s just as eager to grow your business as you are. 

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