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Showcase Your Brand through Seamless Ad Placements

Native advertising is one of the most efficient forms of marketing. Its visually integrates a brand's offering and expertise into publisher content, showcasing your brand without disrupting users’ experience.

What is Native Advertising?

Native ads are paid ads that don’t look or feel like obvious standard ads. These placements directly integrate with and match the look and feel of the publishers editorial design and flow. Native ads offer measurable value to the audience in the form of information or solutions to their problems, bypassing the aversion that some consumers might have toward standard display ads. 

Native adencompass a broad range of ad types. These ads can take the form of articles, images, videos, and animations. A good example of native ads is the articles you can typically find recommended at the bottom of a website’s page; they can also be found as in-feed ads appearing on social media platforms or at the top of the Google search results page. 

Why is Native Advertising Valuable?

Native advertising offers a wide range of benefits. The most notable ones include: 

Educating Audiences

Native ads take on a helpful and resourceful approach. For example, native ads in the form of articles and videos usually provide expert insight into topics relevant to advertisers’ brands. 

Boosting Brand Awareness & Consideration

By educating the audience and providing helpful solutions to their problems, native ads will also position your brand as an authoritative figure in your industry. More people will take note of your brand’s presence, and the trust built can lead more consumers to purchase your service or product. 

Driving Qualified Traffic

Native ads are impressively efficient in driving traffic to advertisers websites and other linked platforms. The visitors do this willingly, as they expect to find more helpful information on the other side.  A benefit to advertisers, these consumers are typically willing to pay for the products/services/solutions if they are satisfied with the experience.  

Native Advertising Targeting Types

We have the necessary expertise and resources to target all sorts of audiences and platforms with native ads. From nationally-known sites like AP or Forbes to local publications like Denver’s 5280, our native advertising abilities can reach over 201 million unique readers, leaving plenty of room for your content to get in front of the right target audience. 

Booyah's Native Advertising Services

Our native advertising agency doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we work with each client to develop with a custom solution that appeals to your target users unique needs and preferences. Here’s what we have to offer: 

Creation of compelling content through our Organic Media team.

Promotion of sponsored content to thousands of sites personalized to your target audience(s).

Targeting these audiences with supplemental paid ads to drive more potential customers through the marketing funnel.

The Booyah Way for Native Advertising 

The Booyah Way for native advertising is the best way for activating engaging native advertising for your business. Our native ads agency will explore and recommend the best native platforms for your campaign, achieving customer engagement and downstream activationContact Booyah today to get more out of your native ad campaigns. 

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