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Pinworthy Placements to Get Your Brand Noticed

Imagery-forward and highly-digestible, Pinterest advertising helps brands get noticed and remembered by aligning to consumers’ aspirations and interests.

What Is Pinterest Advertising?

Pinterest is an aspiration-driven social media platform often employed by users to find inspiration and discover new hobbies and interests. Using Pinterest advertising, you can put your business and products in front of Pinterest users with a need for your product or service.  

Why Is Pinterest Advertising Valuable?  

Pinterest is an underrated yet formidable social media platform with a massive userbase and high potential for businesses. The platform boasts more than 400 million monthly active users that cut across all ages, with millennials and dads leading in numbers while women power the buying decisions.  

97% of Pinterest searches are unbranded, indicating that users on the platform tend to be in an exploratory mindset, making them more willing to try new brands they encounter on Pinterest. 77% of weekly Pinners have come across a new product or brand while a staggering 98% report trying new things they find after browsing on Pinterest. 

Marketing on Pinterest is also surging with 28% of global marketers using Pinterest for promotion and users reporting that Pinterest ads are 1.4 times more relevant and useful than ads on other platforms.   

With such promising numbers, it makes sense that businesses would want to capitalize on the substantial traffic and open-minded audience Pinterest has to offer. 

Pinterest Advertising Targeting Capabilities

Pinterest advertising has numerous capabilities, some of which depend on the type of ads you choose. Some of Pinterest’s advertising benefits include: 

  • Get your business and brands in front of millions of users every month  
  • Reach out to people that are ready to act on the results of their searches  
  • Interact with new users looking for alternative brands  
  • Target people that are more likely to be receptive to your ad and offering 

Booyah's Pinterest Advertising Services  

To make the most out of Pinterest ads and enhance results, you need a foolproof Pinterest advertising strategy, including ad creative abilities and testing, content creation abilities, transparent reporting, strategy evolution, and above all, unparalleled results. 

Types of Pinterest Ads 

The ads, also known as pins, come in various formats suited for different businesses and advertising needs: 

Promoted Pins

These are the standard Pinterest pins. They appear on the regular news feeds (known as a Pinterest board) and are boosted to reach more people while featuring a "Promoted" label.

Buyable Pins

Buyable or "Shop the Look" pins make it possible for users to buy products directly from the pin. They appear in the same place as the Promoted Pins but differ in that the Shop the Look pin’s image is tagged with white dots that highlight the specific featured products Pinners could buy.

Users can tap the on dots to shop for the item. The Buyable pins are often leveraged to drive maximum purchase conversions.

Promoted Carousels

These units are a more recent addition to Pinterest ads. Promoted Carousels allow you to showcase two to five images within a single ad. The ads appear in the main Pinterest board or feed; each card in the carousel contains a different image, landing page, description, and title. These units are great for showing a collection of related products that can be used or worn together.

Promoted Video Pins

Promoted Video Pins are similar to standard Promoted Pins, but they feature video assets rather than static images. Pinterest makes the videos available in two sizes: a max-width video that stretches across the entire home feed, and standard-width videos that have the same size as a regular pin.

Promoted App Pins

These pins are created for businesses who are exclusively promoting app downloads. The pin is linked to a URL in the app store and includes an app icon and install button.

Other Pin Formats

Depending on your business goals and aspirations, you can also tap Story Pins, Visual Search, and keyword/contextual targeting to get the most out of Pinterest advertising.

The Booyah Way for Pinterest Advertising  

Numbers don’t lie, and Booyah Advertising believes in data-backed planning and strategizing to come up with a prioritized and personalized approach that delivers results based on your business’s needs.  

A consolidated team structure and cross-channel integration ensure businesses activate across the entire marketing funnel from brand awareness to consideration to conversions.  

Pinterest Advertising is best done the Booyah Way. With an expert marketing team passionate about producing results at different levels, your business could be well on its way to its next milestone by leveraging Pinterest ads. To realize the full potential of your business, partner with Booyah. 

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