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Efficiently Buy Media through Programmatic Platforms

Programmatic advertising has been growing and evolving as a digital advertising mainstay for a decade or more. Close to 80% of online marketing is done via programmatic methods in the US.

We can vouch for this technique, and we’ll help you create impactful, innovative, and cost-effective programmatic advertising solutions for your brand.

What Is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising enables advertisers to use a single platform for advertising across channels, publishers, and placements. It is an automated way of purchasing ad space via software using complex algorithms and, often, real-time bidding models. 

Our team’s access to enterprise-level tools like Display & Video 360 and Amazon DSP allow us to efficiently manage multi-channel programmatic campaigns, but we’re also equipped to work within whichever programmatic tool you currently use.



Why Is Programmatic Advertising Valuable? 

Programmatic advertising is an effective way of streamlining the buying or selling of digital ads. Its a platform that seamlessly facilitates the execution of wide-reaching digital buys, whether display, video, or native ads, leveraging advanced data models to invest in the right impression for the right consumer at just the right time. 

Here’s how your brand will benefit from programmatic advertising: 

Cost Efficiencies 

Programmatic platforms cut out intermediaries to streamline the ad buying process. Its an easy way to access a larger pool of publishers with expanded behavioral targeting options to captivate ever-growing audience segments. This access yields more conversions at lower costs, driving your brand’s bottom line. 

Streamlined Activation 

With programmatic advertising, you can bet for a fast and efficient process that removes the need to negotiate pricing before an advertisement can be published. You set your bids, and the tool with find you relevant prospects in your identified cost range. 

Real-Time Relevance 

Programmatic platforms use the nearly infinite data at their disposal to build complex models and identify the best-fit users to serve your ads to. Considering myriad factors like consumer behavior, time of day, geographic location, etc., these platforms intuit when a consumer is both in your target audience and in the right circumstances to purchase your offering. This real-time measurement ensures you are investing in ad impressions that are more likely to actually drive conversion, reducing budget waste. 

Booyah's Programmatic Advertising Services


We customize our plans to fit your budget and needs. You don’t need to break the bank when working with us  programmatic advertising is incredibly scalable. 

Expert Management 

Engage us for smooth operations support to maximize revenue and return. 

Unparalleled Services 

Our programmatic advertising agency helps you stay ahead of your competitors. We stay on top of the latest new platforms and capabilities; never resting on our laurels, we’ll recommend the tools and marketplaces best suited to driving results for your brand. 

Transparent Reporting 

We aggregate and review reporting at every level of grain imaginable. Your team will digest the data and share the most important insights with you, so you can translate relevant learnings to other facets of your business. 

Strategy Evolution 

Working with Booyah, your strategy will always be as timely and advanced as it can be. Our teams love to stay ahead of the industry and be first to discover, test, and try a new platform feature. 

Programmatic Advertising Targeting Capabilities

Audience Targeting

Having problems targeting your unique clients? Audience targeting allows you to focus on clients based on specific interests, behaviors, and demographic data.

If you have an idea of the clients you're looking for but are unsure where to locate them, programmatic audience targeting will validate your assumptions and often uncover untapped audiences you didn’t know were a good fit for your brand.

Website or App Targeting

This technique works perfectly when you already know the specific apps or sites you want to run your ads on. Picking out a specific domain is suitable for both mobile and desktop web campaigns.


Retargeting is the ideal tactic for re-engaging users who’ve previously visited your website or have a history of buying from you. It's a great way to bring customers back into the fold and keeping them interested or market complementary offerings to them.


This strategy targets individuals within in a particular geographic perimeter. Geo-fencing is ideal for mobile campaigns using GPS data. Whether you seek to market an event or a promotion available only in a certain locale, geo-fencing will help you hone your budget and serve your message to the most relevant audience.

Partner with Booyah for Programmatic Advertising 

Were a professional programmatic advertising agency that’ll boost your ad revenue and grow your online presence quickly. We’ll guide you in enticing potential clients and customers by programmatically deploying a variety of assets including, native, social, video, rich media, and banner ads. 

Contact us today to learn more about how programmatic activation can stretch your media investment further. 

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