Website Monetization

Booyah offers a unique service for clients that want to benefit from a new revenue stream and allow cross-advertising to their customer base. Website publishers with site traffic volume large and small can capitalize on consumer web & mobile visitation by allowing relevant advertisers to cross market their audience. Booyah’s strategic solution fully analyzes consumer site consumption, channels for growth, advertiser demand and opportunity for revenue sources.

Booyah takes a deep dive into analytics to learn new and repeat visitor trends, average pages consumed, time spent on the site and even navigation patterns through heat mapping. Our analysis allows us to identify opportunities for improvement in user flow and the best areas for standardized ad formats. Recommended site changes vary but may include simplifying the consumer experience by creating less content per page and making the navigation path more intuitive. The client benefits from these types of site modifications are two-fold as they often increase engagement metrics such as time spent on site and pages consumed, while increasing the available inventory for advertising on site and maximizing revenue.

Booyah monetization services allow your advertisers to target granularly by demographic and geographic to reach the most relevant consumer. As an enhanced part of Booyah’s services, we offer channel targeting to increase the value of inventory on your site as well as audience reach & expansion to increase the value of your customer base beyond current site traffic.

Audience Targeting

Advertisers are able to select from a variety of standard targeting parameters via your site through basic site tagging. Targeting options include age, gender, HHI, and geo-targeting. Audience targeting delivers a 5-20% mark-up in revenue CPM value.

Channel Targeting

Advertisers seek to get in front of an audience while their potential customer is engaged in relevant content to their product offering. Consumers, likewise, indicate that when presented with an advertisement, they prefer offers and products are relevant to their interests. Booyah’s monetization service offers site segmentation by channel to increase the value and demand of advertising space and maintain a positive consumer experience. Channel targeting delivers a 5-30% mark-up in revenue CPM value.

Audience Expansion Modeling

Website publishers often limit their advertising to content on their site. Through our vast partnerships with networks and exchanges, we offer the ability to extend reach beyond your site to target interested customers. How it works: consumers are cookied across the web and millions of data points are gathered to identify interests, search behaviors, purchase activity and content consumption. When customers convert on your site, they are also cookied and we begin to ‘model’ the behaviors of your customer base to reach like-minded consumers exhibiting similar behaviors across the web. We pinpoint what your customers search for and the sites they frequent on the web and create a platform for paid advertisers to target those same channels and audience behaviors.

Audience Reach Retargeting

A highly efficient form of extending reach beyond your website is through retargeting. Consumers navigating certain content across your site are cookied and flagged by category to enable remarketing efforts. Paid advertisers may target your customers once they leave your site and offer advertising relevant to what they were just reading. It’s a natural win-win for all parties: You earn extra revenue without using site inventory, the advertiser has an opportunity to present an offer to the consumer when they’re in the right transacting mindset, and your customer receives relevant messaging both on your site and when they leave your site.

Audience Analytics

Define who your audience is using Quantcast analytics and encourage advertisers to buy ad space on your site with supporting measurement through this industry-wide used tool. Quantcast is one of the largest owners of web data and measure the demographics, geographics, cross-site visitation and trends of your customers. We offer implementation and measurement of your audience analytics as well as presentation formats for direct sales opportunities.

Services Include

  • Website & Mobile App Consumer Analytics
  • Measurement, Reporting & Optimization
  • Site Tagging & Channel Segmentation
  • Product Development & Management
  • Direct Advertiser Sales & Management
  • Direct Sale, Vertical Network, Exchange, & House Ad Inventory Fulfillment
  • Email Ad Inventory Fulfillment
  • Audience Analytics
  • Audience Expansion Modeling & Retargeting
  • Products Include
  • Standard web & mobile banners
  • eNews banner & text sponsorships
  • Custom HTML email takeovers
  • Advertorials
  • Site & page takeovers
  • Rich media custom engagement units
  • Audience expansion modeling
  • Reach expansion retargeting