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Speak to Your Audience with Snapchat

With over 90 million daily active users in North America and ample targeting abilities, Snapchat allows you to reach potential your customers where and when you want.

What Is Snapchat Advertising? 

Snapchat is a messaging app and social media platform that lets users connect to people, brands, and the world using their smartphonesThe platform has an immediacy about it as Snaps are only available for a limited amount of time.  

Advertising on Snapchat lets marketers connect with consumers in a playful way. Snap Ads tap into a unique audience that is difficult to reach elsewhere; Snap Stories complement the ads with useful information and opportunities for further engagement.  

The Value in Snapchat Advertising 

Snapchat Advertising is fun, fast video for brand engagement. Snapchat currently has 255 million monthly active users. It reaches 90% of consumers aged 13-24 and 75% of the 18-34 group in the US. The combined direct spending power of these two groups is $1 trillion annually. 

The Snapchat audience has both buying power and undeniable influence on household spending. Snapchatters spend an average of more than 30 minutes using the app every day and make purchases through the app at least once per month. 

Booyah's Snapchat Advertising Services 

Our Snapchat Advertising Strategy   

At Booyah, we treat clients the way we want to be treated. In any Snapchat campaign, we provide:  

  • Transparent ReportingYou see the same data we see and get the numbers unclouded by jargon.  
  • Compelling Creative: Our creative team is tried and true and knows what works for digital ads and what doesn’t. Give ‘em a whirl. Otherwise, we can use creative you already have on-hand 
  • Strategy Evolution: Snapchat has placements to activate through the entire marketing funnel  from awareness to remarketing  and we take advantage of every opportunity.  

Snapchat Ad Types

Single Image Ads

Full-screen ads that appear between stories. Snapchatters can swipe up on the ads to take action or visit a brand’s online storefront.

Collection Ads

A showcase of products for tappable browsing.

Story Ads

A series of 3 to 20 Snaps that live alongside ad content.

Filter Ads

Creative overlays that can be applied over Snaps.

Video ad

6-second non-skippable placements that driving brand awareness.

The Booyah Way for Snapchat Advertising  

Booyah Advertising is known for our great employees and the unique culture weve built. Our seasoned experts have mastered advertising on social media platforms to boost your company’s online presence and drive your bottom line

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