A good social media strategy doesn’t start with a social media platform. Yes, Facebook is dominant right now, but so were MySpace and AOL once. Social media strategy starts with a business goal in mind. We will help define social media strategies to accomplish your goal. It’s this focus that helps us make sure we are adding value to your company through social media. In addition, Booyah differs from other social media agencies in that:

  • Booyah is a results oriented agency. Our focus on direct response campaigns online has forged a culture dominated by measurable return on advertising investment. Our clients understand, and are able to articulate, the value of their investments with us.
  • Booyah is a full service agency. When it’s time to integrate social media into other online efforts, Booyah has the skill set required to expand the program.
  • Booyah is a technology partner. Part of the foundation of a sophisticated social media program is utilizing social media software. Booyah has working relationships with all the major social media software vendors for monitoring, engagement, social promotions, online influencer and social CRM. We make sure you choose the software that is right for your company.

We look to develop a social media program that is scalable and sustainable. We would rather have you excel at one element of social media and slowly build a larger, more sophisticated program than to be involved in a lot of places, but not executing any of them that well. This social media maturity curve helps to illustrate our approach to putting a plan in place that looks at where you are now with social media and how we can work with you to eventually get you to where you want to be.

Social Media Services

Booyah’s social media services are broken into strategy consulting, turn-key management and project based work. Unlike many other social media services available, we develop a custom social media program to best meet your needs and budget. Click on the links below to learn more.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising is rising in popularity in large part due to its audience reach, click & order volume and unique targeting capabilities beyond location, age and interests. For example, you can target fans of your brand, their friends, broad interest categories and even use keywords from peoples’ feeds to target your ads to a specific audience.

We can help you assess if Facebook Advertising makes sense for your brand and determine how it will help you improve conversion channels and drive order volume.

Project-Based Work

From Facebook page creation , optimization & liker growth campaigns to developmentto social SEO, here is a list of some of the types of projects we offer.

  • Facebook (page creation , optimization & liker growth campaigns)
  • Facebook development (custom apps, custom tabs, Facebook Connect)
  • Facebook advertising
  • Social media software vendor selection
  • Social media software set-up and customization
  • Twitter (page creation & follower growth campaigns)
  • YouTube (video, channel development)
  • LinkedIn (company pages, follower growth)
  • Yelp (encouraging positive reviews)
  • Social SEO (seeding in-bound links on social platforms)
  • Viral marketing / social sharing
  • Social CRM custom solutions
  • Social commerce
  • Blogging

Social Display (Online Influencer)

We are adept at setting up programs for blogger outreach and online influencer campaigns. We work with partners like Technorati, BlogFrog, Klout and others to devise a mix of display and blogger reach. We connect your brand with highly influential bloggers to effectively spread the word about your products or services.

Paid Social Media

We are experts on knowing when and how to pay for social media – believe us, it DOES work, and we have case studiesto prove it. We leverage our close relationships with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn account teams that only work with select agencies to ensure our campaigns and strategies are cutting edge. As a tool-agnostic agency, we work directly within these platforms for tracking, but have direct experience as well with several leading third party social media tracking and ad serving tools.

Social Media Management

This is ideal for clients who need a turn-key social media solution to completely outsource their social media program. We always recommend that it is best for a client to own the day-to-day execution of its social media, but offer this package due to the reality that with limited internal resources outsourcing can be the best decision.

  • Management of all of the client’s social media profiles
  • Develop fun and engaging social media content (social media content library)
  • Regular posting (at least six times a week per network, 18 total minimum)
  • Engagement strategy
  • Responding to all posts and removal of inappropriate posts
  • Online influencer program
  • Weekly or monthly reporting and meeting, ad-hoc reporting and meetings as needed

Social Media Strategy Consulting

This is ideal for a client who wants to manage their social media internally on a day-to-day basis; this means you already have an internal dedicated person or team on social media. Booyah serves as your strategy partner and assists with execution as needed.

  • Creation and execution of a 12 month social media strategic plan to grow the client’s social media profiles, gain consumer insights, increase brand awareness and drive leads
  • Ongoing optimization of your major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn)
  • Create posting and engagement strategy (note: does not include doing actual posting)
  • Provide best practices knowledge /advice on social media
  • Available “on-call” as needed to answer questions
  • Social media training for employees
  • Social media document development including social media policy and internal process
  • Weekly social media emails with platform updates (specifically Facebook) and relevant articles
  • Optimize and co-manage social media monitoring software (if software is utilized)
  • Monthly reports of social media results including competitive analysis