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Tell Your Brand’s Story with YouTube

As consumers turn away from traditional television and radio, favoring online content instead, your marketing should migrate with them. With YouTube, you can go from watching cat videos to watching your client base grow.

What Is YouTube Advertising?  

YouTube advertising is paid video promotion that is seen by consumers watching other video content on Google’s YouTube platform. These ads can be encountered in the YouTube sidebar while browsing, or in banners and in-stream clips while watching content. When clicked on, users will be redirected to your brand’s website or product page 

Is YouTube Advertising Right for Your Brand? 

We’re here to help you make informed marketing decisions. Before investing in YouTube, it’s important to consider whether it’s a good fit for your brand. Keep in mind that:  

  • The majority of ads viewed on YouTube are videos. Display ads and overlap ads only appear on the desktop mode of the site.  
  • If your ad needs to be viewed in full to be comprehensible, it may get overlooked on YouTube. 

Why Is YouTube Advertising Valuable?  

The average consumer spends more time watching YouTube content than any television network, and they can watch from Connected TV, mobile, and desktop/tabletAcross the world, two billion monthly users watch a billion hours of content per day. Among them? 73% of U.S. adults, a proportion that beats out even Facebook. That’s a lot of purchasing power for one platform.  

Beyond unrivaled content consumption, YouTube offers brands vital insights that can advise future marketing decisions. Take advantage of their:  

  • Statistics, which highlight brands’ reach and identify needed adjustments 
  • Algorithm, which locates target audiences and places ads within or near relevant videos, garnering three times the attention of a standard manual ad placement 
  • Cross-platform data sharing within Google, which can amplify Google search campaigns and lower CPAs 

YouTube also offers a unique, guaranteed return-on-investment with their ads. If your video content isn’t watched for at least thirty seconds or is not clicked on within that time frame, you don’t have to pay 

Booyah's YouTube Advertising Services 

Booyah takes advantage of marketing analytics to determine the impact of your advertising investments. Our extensive knowledge of the platform, in addition to audience research, allows you to reach the right viewers in the right place at the right time.  

Targeting with YouTube Advertising

YouTube allows you to target your marketing efforts towards a specific audience through demographic and psychographic specifications or by content topic. A strong knowledge of your target segments’ age, gender, location, and interest makeup will allow you to achieve informed placements for your ads.  

With YouTube ads, you’re not just reaching any audience  you’re reaching your audience.  

Types of YouTube Ads

There are multiple ad formats available on YouTube’s platform. Whether you’re marketing through stitched-together stills or full-production video content, there are myriad places your content can be displayed.  

Skippable Video Ads

These video ads appear before, during, or after the main video. Users can skip the ad after five seconds.

Non-Skippable Video Ads

Appearing before, during, or after a main video, non-skippable ads must be watched for the duration.

Bumper Ads

Non-skippable ads played before a selected video. Bumper ads convey snackable previews of your brand, up to six seconds long.

Video Discovery Ads

Video thumbnail ads that appear next to related videos, in search results, and on the mobile YouTube homepage.

Outstream Ads

Mobile-only ads that appear on websites and apps of Google video partners to improve reach.

Masthead Ads

Masthead ads autoplay at the top of the YouTube homepage, feature CTAs, and are ideal for boosting awareness.

Booyah's Way for YouTube Advertising

Companies continue to flock to this video-sharing site for its reach and brand-driving results. Make YouTube work for you, too! Partner with Booyah to get expert marketing advice and guidance as you roll out your video advertising strategy.  

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