Headshot of Brisa Banuelos

Brisa Banuelos

Account Manager

If Brisa Banuelos’s life were a movie, the spirit of curiosity would be her trusty sidekick. Whether it’s trying out different types of food, exploring different cultures, learning new things, or living in a foreign country, curiosity has always been a driving force in Brisa’s life. Following her graduation from Creighton University in 2021, Brisa entered the working world with a degree in marketing and international business under her belt.

Between her love of the show The Crazy Ones and her prior experience working for Creighton University’s student run marketing agency, Brisa was sure of two things: 1) she wanted to become a professional brand storyteller, and 2) she wanted to do so at an agency. After finishing up her internship at another digital ad agency, Brisa joined Booyah in 2022 as a Coordinator. From working with B2B accounts to ecommerce brands, Brisa has used her curious nature to further expand her knowledge of digital advertising and strategic mindset to help clients tell their stories and drive results.

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