Bronson Townsie


Bronson is a versatile digital marketer with strong problem-solving abilities and adaptability. A Colorado native, he graduated with a Business Marketing degree, specializing in Digital Marketing from Metropolitan State, University of Denver.

What drew Bronson to Booyah was the allure of agency work. The opportunity to collaborate across diverse industries with numerous clients daily presented an exciting challenge that he eagerly embraced. Moreover, what resonated deeply with Bronson upon joining Booyah was the infectious energy embodied in the exclamation ‘Booyah!’—a term exclaimed by ESPN analyst Stuart Scott during basketball commentary. This spirited enthusiasm seamlessly aligns with Booyah’s comprehensive approach to digital marketing. It also reflects Bronson’s passion for connecting businesses with global audiences while navigating the ever-evolving trends in digital marketing.

Outside the office, Bronson lives an active lifestyle. Whether commanding the court with his men’s basketball team, hitting the gym, or exploring Colorado’s mountains through snowboarding. During quieter moments, he enjoys binge-watching Netflix and cherishes quality time with friends and family.

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