Cailin Fisher

Vice President

Cailin Fisher was born and raised in Milwaukee but fell in love with Denver’s Midwestern charm and mountainous beauty. A Midwesterner at heart, she has a keen sense for problem-solving, a resilient attitude, a talent for leveraging data, and a practical ability to tell it like it is. After earning a bachelor’s in Business Administration from Saint Louis University, where she studied Economics and International Business, Cailin tried out several different fields before joining Booyah in 2015. Now a Vice President, Cailin is an expert in Paid Social and a cross-channel resource for her team, providing insight and motivation by example. “I like to keep my eyes on the prize. If something is needed, I’m determined to provide it.”

Cailin’s management style blends enthusiasm, optimism, and precise communication. “My work requires the ability to clearly define what success looks like for a specific client and find ways to get there together.” This involves staying up-to-date on new developments, understanding, fostering, and refining a client’s vision, articulating that vision to her team, and then working to make that vision a reality. As part of Booyah’s leadership team, Cailin works with other department heads to bring new ideas to light. She works with internal teams to drive business development and collaborates with the Amazon, Creative, and Organic departments.She thrives on connecting the right brand to the right audience, and she’s very good at it. “There’s an incredible ecosystem of brands out there just waiting to be discovered by the right person at the right time. And digital advertising, when done right, allows even the smallest start-ups a chance to compete and make a name for themselves.”

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