Headshot of Carmen Mabee

Carmen Mabee

Digital Media Manager

Carmen is a strong strategic thinker, able to navigate a diverse set of inputs and analytics to identify key considerations and growth opportunities.

Growing up as a kid with parents in the military, Carmen had the chance to experience life in a wide range of places with diverse groups of cultures and people. This experience instilled Carmen with a curiosity for the social world and an interest in learning the different ways people communicate within and across cultures. This led her to earn a degree in Sociology and a minor in Strategic Communication from CU Boulder. Through that program she found a passion for strategy and testing out messaging tactics to identify the best approaches to reach certain social groups; this skillset naturally fit into a career in marketing. As a dedicated life-long learner, she later earned her Master’s in Marketing Intelligence and Strategy from CU Denver.

Prior to joining Booyah, Carmen worked a variety of in-house marketing roles for consumer goods brands ranging from personal care to food and beverage. Most recently she had the opportunity to intern with The North Face in the Brand Management department as a part of her master’s program. In her previous roles she worked closely with agencies on paid social projects. This experience gives her a keen understanding of the clients’ perspectives within the agency-brand relationship.

Outside of work, you can find Carmen going up or down one of Colorado’s many mountains by foot or by snowboard.

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