Headshot of Chelsea Nunez

Chelsea Nuñez

Organic Manager

Chelsea Nuñez (she/they) is originally from Georgia and has two beautiful pets: Ghost (an Australian Cattle dog) and lil Banana Boi (a banana mojave morph ball python). Chelsea graduated from the University of Georgia with a BSFR in Wildlife Sciences and went on to work for two nonprofits and for the National Park Service as a Wilderness Ranger. Like most people during the pandemic, she asked herself those pesky questions like: what I am I doing, who am I, and do I need another house plant?

What am I doing?

While talking to friends who had made similar career changes, Chelsea found her way to Digital Marketing and fell in love with what she calls “scientific creativity”, i.e., marketing and campaign analysis. She signed up for General Assembly, a tech bootcamp, and started looking for a career. What drew Chelsea to Booyah was all the amazing workplace awards, cool clients, and opportunities for growth and learning.

Who am I?

Chocolate chip cookies, especially homemade ones with a touch of cinnamon and sea salt (chef’s kiss). She loves to watercolor, read, skateboard, and do weird-ish makeup looks. Oh, and she also loves all outdoor activities.

Do I need another house plant?


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